Friday, January 20, 2012

Buying meat at CVS?

CVS helped me buy kosher meat this week!

No, I didn't buy the meat at CVS. Instead, I used the $10 American Express gift card that I earned on this CVS trip to help pay for my chicken breasts, whole chickens, and ground beef.  These items are really expensive, so having the $10 card to offset some of the expense really helped!

Here's what I got:

kosher meat

3.54 lb kosher boneless chicken breasts @ $4.99/lb = $17.66
7.64 lb kosher whole chicken @ $2.49/lb = $19.02
4.00 lb kosher ground chuck @ $4.99/lb = $19.96

Total product: $56.64
Pay with $10 American Express gift card
Total out of pocket: $46.64
Saved: $10.00

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michelle_loves_steph January 20, 2012 at 6:16 PM  

I have never been on your blog before so I am not familiar with your posts or where you are located but this seems so expensive to me still....

In my area the price I normally pay $1.99/lb for boneless/skinless chicken breast, $.89/lb for whole chickens, and never more than $2.49/lb for ground chuck. As a matter of fact I think my prices are too high and am always looking at ways to cut my cost. You have opened my eyes and made me more thankful for the cost I am paying...

Unknown January 20, 2012 at 8:26 PM  

@Michelle - as I mentioned in the first sentence, these prices are for kosher meat. Kosher meat is more expensive than non-kosher meat because the animals can't be fed any feed with animal ingredients, the animals are slaughtered in a specified way, and everything is observed by a rabbinical board. Combine the rules with low demand for the product and the prices become very high.

The prices you mention are probably normal for non-kosher meat in my area. I save on my regular grocery items so that I will have the money to pay for kosher meat as well as lots of produce.

@Daniel - a few weeks ago, CVS had a deal where if you bought $30 in certain products, you received a $10 American Express gift card. This week, I believe there's a deal where if you buy $30 in certain products, you get a $10 CVS card.

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