Saturday, February 16, 2013

$200 However You Want It Giveaway

It's time for another $200 giveaway from my friend Jenn over at Jenn's Blah Blah Blog!

Enter below using the Rafflecopter form, then leave me a comment! Thanks!

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Welcome to the Bloggy $200 Have It Your Way Giveaway!

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About the Giveaway:
  • One lucky winner will get ANYTHING they want valued up to $200! You got it if you win get anything you want and we will order it for you. Kindle, Gift Cards, Paypal Cash, Gas Cards, Toys for the Kids, Handbag for Mom, Jewelry, ANYTHING!
  • This fabulous giveaway will begin on 2/16/13 at 12:01am EST and run until 03/17/13 at 11:59pm EST.
  • Must be 18+ to enter
  • Giveaway is open WORLDWIDE!
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One Lucky Person Wins ANYTHING valued up to $200. Use the Rafflecopter below to enter. GOOD LUCK!

Disclosure: I am not responsible for shipping prize to winner, nor did I accept any type of payment for this event. This even is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media network. Winner needs to know that if they choose item that requires shipping payment it must be included in the $200. See Rafflecopter for full disclosure or contact Jenn at

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Patty Coleman  

I would put it towards a new TV that I have been wanting


I would take cash, and save it for our family vacation.



I'd love a $200 Visa GC to use towards a new stereo for my husband


I've been saving for a really nice, big Crock Pot.


I would buy a refurbished camera that uses ion batteries that can be recharged (they have a few on Ben's Deals that are around that price range). The one I have I bought used off Ebay and the battery door is broken and the battery is hot glued in.


I have lots of things I could spend $ on! Saving for a big wedding trip, debt, or some new clothes! All things that need to happen!


I would take cash and pay off my credit card.



This would be towards a carseat for our baby on the way! :)

Michelle Bowman  

Totally would rock out some paypal cash so I could buy stuff for my little Nugget without hearing Hubby complain about my shopping habits!


I would "spoil Myself"........haircut and style, pedicure and maybe buy something I would not normally buy!


I would buy a kindle for my husband :)


kim burnett  

I would take cash, and save it for our family vacation.

Catherine Shaw  

Today I'm thinking I'd burn through that $200 at a very good restaurant!


I want to shop at for vitamins, to keep me and my husband healthy!

Carleigh Rachels  

I would love to use the money to stock up on some supplies for work.

Jennifer Lachman  

I would get a gift card for fabric so I could make my kids entire summer wardrobe. I't something I've always wanted to try.


I'd have to get a freezer but want a wii fit yoga kit.
rierie11booger (@)


I'd love to go get us all some new spring pj's and some spring clothes!

Alyson Lawrence  

Bday present for hubby, and help pay for a trip to Disneyland!

Amy Margolis  

I would spend it on the kid, of course! He's growing out of his "big boy" bed and will need a conversion kit ~$200 so that would be perfect!

Martin C,   

I like too buy something we need around the place thanks

kenny varner,   

buy season football tickets for MONTANA GRIZ

Taylor Buck  

A Visa or Amazon gift card would be great since we are saving up for so many things.

Kara Marks,   

What I didn't spend on groceries, I'd spend at

Rebekah M,   

I would probably save it for college books...what can I say? I'm boring. :)

Sheryl Cullum  

I would get a amazon card so I can buy books anytime I want :)

MakeUp Fun  

i would pay a part of my bills, because i'm in London all alone now and i'm trying to do it by myself :)

Carla Bonesteel  

I forgot what I said yesterday, so I think I would get some stuff from Amazon, maybe some tv show episodes from Instant Video.

Ed Martel,   

My son needs a new bike for this summer, so the money would go towards that.


I would like to spend them to buy clothes and fashion things :)

Melissa Storms  

I would get a lot of really nice yarn.I love to knit but feel guilty spending money on expensive yarn.

Bonny Sallee  

I want to buy vitamins to keep my husband healthier and alive.

Bri Floor  

I'd buy books and art supplies and clothes for an upcoming photo shoot.


I would put this towards our vacation to Great Wolf Lodge in March!

Klydra Pugh  

I'd buy a few things for the family.
Thanks for the chance.


Fix my vehicle,,,,martha at

kim burnett  

I would take cash, and save it for our family vacation.

Michelle Bowman  

Probably use it towards bills or something awesome for my baby. It'd be a tough choice, for sure.


If I won I'd call everyone in the family saying I can't believe I won

Carla Bonesteel  

I really need to win some cash..I'm so broke, I can't pay attention.

Martha Holland  

I would buy a new camera for our trip to Charleston SC this summer.

Violet Lyford,   

I need an exercise bike, so that's what I would get.


I'd probably use the money to put into my business, or something boring like that ;)

Jessica Fortner  

I have plenty of debt to pay off...I could think of so many things to do with the cash lol

Janet Twokay  

I'd use the money to help pay for my daughter's school testing. It's pricey and I didn't budget for it because she only just told me about it.

Cindy Merrill,   

I would use the money to stock up on emergency suuplies- we had a recent power outage and I was not prepared for it.

Cindy Merrill,   

Use the money for groceries and a tea kettle for our woodstove.
writer61-AT, yahoo(dot)com

Martha Holland  

I would but the money in the bank to put towards our summer vacation.

Carla Bonesteel  

I'm sure my boyfriend would like it if I bought him something...he hates paying bills...but also doesn't like it if the electric gets shut off!! LOL

randy fulgham  


Cheryl Chervitz  

I would love to get caught up on my bills for once and this would sure help me do it!

Allie L,   

I would get an eye exam and new glasses or contacts.

Allie Lanc

Cindy Merrill,   

We desperately need to get a leak in our roof fixed, $200 via paypal would help!

Carla Bonesteel  

I just got my cable bill - $362....I really need that $200.


I would buy shoes because all my winter shoes are falling apart


I would like to buy a new pair of jeans. Bridget Hopper

Wendy Lindsey  

We are in the heart of a major snow event, I work for the school, and we've had 4 snow days! I only get paid for 2... so this money would help replenish my lost income! Would be a HUGE blessing. :D Thanks for the chance!
wendy2lindsey at yahoo dot com

Lavonda Larroy  

I broke my ankle 8 days after having my son so everything helps. He has started to recognize the sound of my crutches and that makes me very sad.

Carla Bonesteel  

WE just got a car, so we are saving for a carbon fiber hood.


sorry I should not have clicked on the Freebie post


I would be so happy because both my boys birthdays are coming up and I would use it for that.
amy williams


Use it towards getting my best friend a new shirt. Thanks!
mandalarctic at gmail dot com


I need $200 for a new tire: we had a flat yesterday.
Cindy Merrill
writer61 (at)yahoo dot com

Kristin Gilbert  

I would get paypal because I need to get my car back from the mechanic

DiAnne Sundberg  

I would get an amazon gift card, there are so many possibilities!


We would use it for something fun over Spring Break.


I would buy season 2 of The Vampire Diaries on bluray.

Bridget Hopper

kim burnett  

would take cash, and save it for our family vacation - See more at:


use it for my boys birthdays
amy williams
sethandtjay at yahoo dot com


I want Paypal Cash
I will buy gifts for my Family


I would like to get my dog a new collar.

Bridget Hopper

randy fulgham  



get some things for my sons birthdays
amy williams
sethandtjay at yahoo dot com


I would put this toward stuff we need for our wedding!


Carla Bonesteel  

I just checked my bank account, and there is 42 cents in the $200 would be much appreciated!

Daniel M,   

put it towards brakes on the car - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com


I would use the money for nutritional supplements and work out runners

Susan Broughton I would buy groceries and other necessities.

Carla Bonesteel  

My house is running out of food, so maybe I'll buy some.


I would use this toward our wedding!



I would it towards ereaders for my husband and me


One of my daughters has a birthday soon, so I would buy her gifts!

Carla Bonesteel  

I'm not sure what else to say...I want a Kindle Fire. I want an iPad. I want clothes, car parts, jewelry, makeup, tvs...all things I'll never afford.

Amy T.  

I would get a straight talk home phone modem. We are working to cut down our phone bills and that is the first step for us. We just haven't had the spare $$ to buy it yet.


I'm not sure what I would use the money for if I won. I'm a federal employee so I am unsure how the sequester will affect me.

Petra S. Vars├ínyi  

I would choose paypal cash and use it to buy goodies to my love :D

Cindy Merrill,   

I would choose an giftcide, would buy emergency essentials- we were without power for almost a week in December,so I want to be prepared in case it happens again. We live on a mountain foothill,our neighbors say this occurs where we live from time to time.

Cindy Merrill,   

Toward groceries, a giftcard to Pricechoppers is what I'd pick.
writer61(at)yahoo dot com

Carla Bonesteel  

My boyfriend woke me up this morning because I was snoring...15 MINUTES BEFORE MY ALARM WENT OFF AT 4:45 AM!!! DON'T YOU HATE IT WHEN YOU GET WOKEN UP 15 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR ALARM GOES OFF!!??


I could also put it towards a new TV since only one of ours works.

randy fulgham  


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