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Mega Makeup Giveaway - over $300 in products!

The Mia Mariu giveaway that ended last week here at Frugal Follies was incredibly popular.  So I'm on the lookout for other makeup and beauty giveaways for all of you to enter.  Here's one for you!

Please leave a message below letting me that you've entered the giveaway!

Frugal Follies has teamed up with Burning Moon's Inside Advice and other blogs to bring you the Mega Makeup Giveaway Event, which includes over $350 in fantastic prizes from companies such as Mia Mariu, Julep, ELF, Burt's Bees, Yes to Carrots,, and many more.

With the holidays approaching fast, we wanted to kick the season off right with a huge makeup giveaway! One lucky winner will win a wonderful goodie box packed with name brand makeup and other goods, and a second place winner will receive a $50 gift card.

To make the post short yet sweet, Burning Moon's Inside Advice has made it easy for you to view a list of all the prizes in both prize boxes along with photos of each separate item, giving you a personal look at what is up for grabs. You can view a list of item names and prices by clicking HERE.

Feel free to do as many or as little entries as you would like.

Grand Prize Total Value: $300.94
You can view the items included in the grand prize by clicking HERE.

Second place prize is a $50 gift card to

Don't forget to stop by to do the daily entries! Thank you for stopping by our giveaway -  please feel free to stop by my site again soon. If you are looking for more fun giveaways, feel free to check out any of the hosts on Facebook or Twitter, and keep an eye out at Burning Moon's Inside Advice for an upcoming Christmas shopping guide plus a baby shower event. This was not a paid post, and  I was not compensated with free products for this post. Prize shipment will be handled by Burning Moon's Inside Advice. This giveaway is for US residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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I would split this with my two daughters and my mother.


I would like to win so that I can try various products and I would share these with my daughters


I would love to win to give it to my daughter. She's a stay at home mom and her husband is the only one that supports the family, so at this time, she really can't afford to buy "extras" for herself such as these items. It would be great to give her a nice "mommy" basket, just for her.


I would love to give this prize to my friend for her birthday!

Shannon Hamner  

I want to win because I love trying new products and sharing my opinions on them. This would be such an awesome win! I would definately keep this but I may share some of it with my Mom. :)


why do I want to win, well my pretty princess box of potions and lotions is getting low. I would love to stock up on some new pretty colors

Julie Lynn Bickham  

Would love to win this because I love trying out new beauty products. I would keep this all for myself!

Brittany B  

I could so use some new makeup. My makeup cabinet is getting pretty empty LOL!


Would really love this prize and could share with both my daughters


Oh gosh this just reminds me of how much I need new make up! I'm still using the same shadow from my wedding!!

Margie Kairis  

I want to win because i could use the makeup (or gift card), and I could also share it with my sister

Mary Casper  

I would give or split this with my daughter

Samantha D.,   

I could really use a new makeup look. I want to experiment with all the colors etc..

Adaptable Kay  

I would probably keep a few things and maybe gift the rest :)

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!


if I were fortunate enogh to win I would donate the products to my local domestic violence shelter, The Women's Community in Wausau WI
They are filled to capacity and the women there can't afford new makeup. thanks for the opportunity
Joann tommpkins winborn


It will be nice to win it and reduce the risk of heart attack when looking to the mirror


What an awesome giveaway! I would donate to our local home for folks who need to get back on their feet!


i would be blessed to win this gift because i could not afford it i would share it with my children as a surprise for the holidays and when i see the happy that it will bring it just does not get any better than that
thank you for the great chance star95011)(yahoo()com


I would probably split the gift between my two girls


I'd love to win. I love trying out new makeup and beauty products, so this would be awesome.


i would keep it for myself and i want it cause i love beauty products!!

Jenny Stanek,   

I would keep it for myself!



I would keep most for myself and would share a few items with my sister.


I would love to share this with my family.

Ann Fantom,   

I would like to win so I could share the prizes with my family as stocking stuffers

abfantom at yahoo dot com

Nina Say  

I want to win because I recently had to rebuild my makeup collection from nothing thanks to pink eye.


I would have to split between myself and my sons girlfriend...great xmas gift!!!


I would love to win this because I could really use some new makeup.


I love trying new products! This is a great giveaway! I would keep some and share the rest with friends!


I would share the prize among my friends.


I really enjoy makeup and would keep this for myself!

Laura S,   

Id love to give this as a gift! lsenko83 at yahoo dot com


I would use the products that I could for myself and pass on the rest to my mom and friends!


love surprises and to play twould likly keep some an give rest away


I would love to win this because I just love getting and trying out new products.


I sure would keep the prize for myself! I could use it.


I would give this to my daughter for Christmas.


i like using makeup
glori j


I could use some new makeup but can't afford any right now. This would be a great win for me!


I would want to win because I haven't bought new makeup in so long and like trying new products/brands. I would probably keep this. :-)
Julie B.


I'd keep some & share some of the gift.
rierie11booger (@)

tina reynolds  

I wold share with my mo thanks for the chance to win


makeup is always an expense that i feel guilty about, i'd definitely keep it! :)


the prizes would go to my sister!
timgus at cox dot net

kathlyn durrell,   

I would love to win this to add to mu collection as a beginer makeup artist


I would really love the package but Christmas is coming real soon and my daughter would just love this so I would give it to her for Christmas.


Would love to win fr the wife.
Bobby T
rt386 at


I would like to win so I could save money by not having to purchase the products. I would share the products with my daughter.

Nataly Carbonell  

I'll probably keep some and the rest give it to my daughter :)


Call me 'shellfish', lol, but I would keep the prize! I need some more makeup!

Lisa M  

I would send it to my sister for her 40th birthday!

Bud Lisa samson - RC form name

Mary Calabrese,   

I'm a makeup "whore" so I'd love this for myself.

ighmeg at yahoo dot com

kathy f  

I love to try and experiment with different kinds of make up. I would share some of my prize with my sisters and Mom.


I would like to win this because I think they would make great Christmas gifts for my mom and sister! I would keep some for myself, of course.


I'd love to share this with my mom and sister. We could have a girls' night in and try the products together. :)


I am a beauty product junkie, so would love this!

Shelly B.,   

i wanna win this b/c make-up is so much fun and I'm keeping it all for myself...


I'd divide the prize among my 2 daughters.

MaryAnn Casey,   

I'll keep it! I'm the only make-up junkie in my family-this is my Christmas!


I am a product junkie and love to try and review new items. I would give some to my co-workers to sample also.


I want to win because I don't ever buy beauty products for myself so this would be such an incredible treat!


My daughter and I would split this between us! Hope we win!!

Susan Climan  

I would keep some of the items for myself and give some to my sister-in-law.


I want to win because I am a makeup FREAK!! It's my favorite thing in the world.


I would probably keep a few things and share the rest with the special ladies in my life. But if I win the Xperience Days GC, that's all me!

fresh modern  

I would keep this great gift. I'm starting fresh with all new make up this is just right!

fresh modern  

I entered the contest.
I would keep this for myself, what a great gift!


It's been a long time since I've gotten make-up for myself, I could use a new look.


My daughter is 13 and starting to assemble her kit. This would be really helpful.


I would share it with my daughter who is 18...she loves makeup and things too!! And we could use some nice new items...ciao4now64 at yahoo dot com.

The Emperor  

Whichever I were to win, I would share it with my daughters.

Connie Siler,   

I would LOVE to win..I would seriously appreciate your products..Thanks.. God Bless!

Shooting Stars Mag  

I'd love to win because it would all make a great gift...and I love winning things I can share with others.


I would love to win because I have always wanted to try all these products. I would share them with my friends at the next girl's luncheon.

Traci Lynn Butler,   

This would be a great prize because I rarely splurge on things like this for myself :)


This would be a great christmas gift for my sister!!!


I would probably give most of this to my teenage daughter. She would love this stuff! Thanks!!


Oh, I really want to win because ever since I moved to the States over a year and a half ago, I haven't been able to do proper make-up shopping. Plus, I've just found a job, so it's come in handy!



This would be all mine, I wouldn't give it to anybody! Lol I love makeup, thanks for the chance!

kate lynch  

I would probably give it to my mom. She will never splurge on good products for herself. She deserves it!


I would give this to myslef. Im a mom and dont ever spend money on myself!!!


I have 2 sisters who would love to share this with me.



Danielle S.  

I'd like to win because I love trying out different cosmetics!


I'd like to try these out and share with my friends!


I would probably give some things for christmas, but definitely keep some goodies for myself!


That is one helluva giveaway!!!
Would love to get my hands on them :D

Ciara B.,   

i would keep it if i won the makeup, but if i won the gift card i would give it as a present


I would keep some for myself and share the rest with my 2 daughters.
Virginia Rowell


I need christmas presents so would give as a gift to my daughter.


Heck yes I would keep this prize! I might share with my daughters!

Saraven Tura  

In order to feel comfortable in my own skin, I need to use products that make my skin feel comfortable! Which is what all of those brands listed do! (Especially Burts Bees! I'm a sucker for their lip balm)


I would likely keep some, give some to my sister and/or mom.


I love trying new makeup, trying to find something better...


I would give this to my sister for Christmas.
Susan Chester


I would love to split this with my sister as we both share all our makeup since we were little!


This would be a wonderful gift for my beautiful daughter.


because these makeup brands are not available in my country.


I would keep this b/c I dont buy make-up much kids come first so this would be wonderful for Mom


I would keep the Burt's bees stuff and make christmas gifts with the other items.


I want to win this giveaway for my mom in appreciation for what she has done for me!

Sarah VM  

This is an awesome prize. I would keep it of course! :)


I don't own a lot of makeup and would love to win this!


I am traveling to Mexico in December this giveaway would be awesome to share with my sisters in law!


this is the most amazing giveaway!! I really would love to try/rock some fake lashes! :)


Our daughters would enjoy this prize..thanks for the chance


I LOVE cosmetics. Unfortunately, all i have are a few items. Can't afford much right now so this would really help me boost my collection!


I love cosmetics! My collection is running low, and this would really help me give it a boost while saving money!!!


I have a teenage daughter and this would be perfect for Christmas.


this would be just what I need to boost my mood.
I am disabled and don't get out much. I sure could benefit from a little papmering.


I would love to try these products and also be able to share some with friends!


I would share with my sister in law who just had a baby



I really need new cosmetics that's why I'd keep it :)


I'd like to win because I've been out of a(regular) job for almost a year, and could use things that help me look good in my never-endng quest for work. I would definitely share, though, I have a mom, sister, nieces, friends, and Christmas is coming!

Marce Morel,   

This will be a nice prize that I can give as gifts to my nieces. Since like lots of people I wont be able to give them giftd this year since income has been reduced :(


I would want to win this for my sister. Lieutcrunch27 (at) gmail (dot) com

Sabeeta Janjua  

i want it for my a birthday gift becase i can not buy her something expensive right now :(


i would love to keep for myself debbie jackson
djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

Debra G.,   

I want to win this because my teen daughter steals all my makeup! (I think I can find a good hiding spot for this stuff!)


Such a great prise. I would love to win and would definitly keep all the goodies.
N Hunka


I would love to win, and give this to one of my daughters for a Christmas present. Thank You!


Would Love to Win this. Would so totally use these products and if I won I would also share with my sisters. Husband has been out of work so buying new products is out of the question



I would love to try the product and also share with friends


Would love to win to change my look for date night with my husband.


I would love to share this with my girls

Stephanie Grant  

I would keep this for myself if I win :)

Rain's Writes  

I am a makeup junkie...I would keep some and give some away! :)


I would keep some of the prize and share the rest with my mom and friends.



I'm not gonna lie, I would totally just love this make up for myself! I love makeup....lolol


would love to win because I love to try new beauty products. would share this with my oldest daughter
jenhedger at hotmail dot com


I would definitely keep this prize, it is amazing & I love it!


i would love to win this package because i recently just stopped getting acne so now i love to get dressed up and do my makeup and look pretty. i have alot more confidence now and i would love to get some new products to try out!!


I would give it to my baby sister for Christmas! This would make her day. :)


i have 2 daughters and 1 daughter-in-law and i know we would make a weekend out of 'playing' with this wonderful gift.

Kelsey Apley  

What a fun giveaway!! I would love to win the gift pack and I would share it with my sisters!

Kelsey Apley

Erika P.  

I would keep the makeup and share the beauty products.


My mom loves stuff like this and I would give her the gift pack!

Caroline K  

I am in need of new products that I could use everyday :)


I would probably give it to my sister, as I don't wear makeup.


No matter what I won, I would share it with my two daughters & my sister


I'd like to share this with my daughter.


This is an awesome gift to have to pamper myself...I absolutely would love this.


I would probably keep the prize unless there is something perfect for a family member for xmas.


I need to add to my makeup stash, bc I just started using makeup.

Ashley turicik  

I would definitely keep it for me

Rafflecopter name is Ashley turicik


I would split most of this up and give it as christmas gifts - BUT i do see some special things I would keep for myself.

thanks for the giveaway!


As mother of a 3 year old I am trying to potty train, full time wife, and my full time job I am too busy taking care of others to take care of myself and buy goodies like this! A prize would be excellent!

micheal dale grim,   

i want to win this awesome prize for my wife!!!


Would love some new makeup!!!! Working mother, no time to myself, I'd love a treat!


I want to win the gift pack and I'd give it to my sister for Christmas!


I would love to win this! It may sound greedy but I would keep it for myself, I love trying new products

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