Sunday, October 14, 2012

CVS: Fabulous customer service

I really like one of the cashiers at my local CVS.  He recognizes me each week when I come into the store.  After he checks me out, he says, "See you next week!"

But best of all, he helps me out sometimes.  This week, I forgot to bring my reusable bag with the green bag tag on it.  (You get a $1 Extra Care Buck when you have your green bag tag scanned four times.)  I mentioned this to him, and the next thing I know, it says "Green Bag Tag" on the screen.  He had typed in the UPC code even though I did not have the tag with me.

I was so startled by that, I forgot to use my ECBs to pay for my products!  Oops.  So that means that this week I had a high out of pocket cost, but next week I should be able to get everything almost for free.

And I had a big trip this week, buying Halloween candy.  Hope my kids don't figure out where I hid it and get into it before the holiday!  

Here's what I got this week:

3 Hershey's snack size chocolate @ 3/$10 (receive $3 ECB)
- $1/3 Hershey Reese's, Hershey's, Kit Kat, Twizzlers or Jolly Rancher Snack Size Bags, exp. 10/31/12 (SS 10/14/12)
= $9 for three, or $3 each ($2 each after ECBs)

2 Nestle fun size candy @ $3 = $6 (receive $1 ECB)
- $1/2 Nestle Fun Size Halloween Candy, exp. 10/31/12 (RP 10/14/12)
= $5 for two, or $2.50 each ($2 each after ECBs)

2 Tampax Pearl @ $3.75 = $7.50 (receive $1 ECB)
-  $2.50/2 Tampax Pearl or Radiant Tampons, exp. 10/31/12 (P&G 09/30/12)
= $5 for two, or $2.50 each ($2 each after ECBs)

1 Dentek flossers @ $2.99 (receive $2 ECB)
= $2.99 (99¢ after ECBs)

Tax: $1.59
Total out of pocket: $23.58
Total saved compared to CVS full prices: $14.73
ECBs received: $7 ($3, $1, $1, $2)

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Whitney October 15, 2012 at 1:54 PM  

I love that about CVS! This is why I tell ppl to always shop at the same CVS. The cashiers and managers will get to know your face and they will want to make you a happy customer:) Great job!

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