Monday, September 24, 2012

Cheap Halloween tote bag

My kids love to go trick-or-treating, but carrying the candy gets to be a pain for them after a while.  Plastic bags get heavy, and holes can develop in them.  Those plastic pumpkins' handles detach, or they're just too heavy to be carried by the handle.  Pillowcases hold the candy great, but there are no handles to hold.

Here's a super solution to that Halloween dilemma: get personalized Halloween tote bags from Vistaprint.  You can choose from a variety of designs and then personalize them with your child's name or a message.  The small ones are perfect for a child to carry, and if they get heavy the child can carry it on his or her shoulder.  They won't break, and they can be used during the year to carry groceries as well.

Best of all, the small Halloween tote bag only costs $2!  (Shipping is not included in that price.)

Get your Halloween tote bag now!

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