Sunday, July 15, 2012

CVS: Cheap school supplies (part 2)

At CVS this week, I picked up some cheap school supplies.  (I had already bought some at Walgreens a little while earlier.)  As I mentioned in the Walgreens post, this is the best time to pick up school supplies at a bargain.  Each week, a few school supplies will be at incredibly low prices.  The idea is to pick up those items, but not others, each week until you have everything your child or household needs.

And if you don't have kids, you should still hit these sales to get office supplies.  You'll find pens, printer paper, and lots of other household needs on sale at this time.

I also picked up the free after Extra Care Bucks chocolate bar - unlike last week, this time my CVS had them in stock.  And I picked up two cans of tuna and used a Recyclebank coupon to save on them.  But I picked up the wrong cans - it was the chunk light tuna that was on sale, and I picked up the chunk white.  Aargh!

Here's what I got:

1 Unreal bar @ 75¢ (receive 75¢ ECB)
= 75¢ (free after ECBs)

2 Bumble Bee chunk white tuna @ $1.67 = $3.34
- $1/2 Bumble Bee Recyclebank coupon
= $2.34 for two, or $1.17 each
(This should have been 38¢ each for the chunk light.  Can't believe I missed that.   But this blog is called Frugal Follies for a reason!)

6 Caliber 1-subject notebooks @ 3/$1 = $2

8 Caliber 2-pocket folders @ 10/$1 = 80¢

Total product:  $5.89
Pay with $1 ECB from last week

Total product after ECBs: $4.89
Tax: 19¢

Total out of pocket: $5.08
Total saved compare to CVS full prices: $17.74
ECBs received: 75¢

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