Friday, April 27, 2012

Finding free online games

My daughters love to play games on the computer.  My middle daughter, who has special needs, loves to play the word and number games at  My youngest likes to play games about her favorite television shows and toys.  I'm always looking for new sites for them which are fun yet are also safe for them to play on.

If you're looking for online games for yourself or for a child, here are some ideas:

  • Play games that will earn for you.  I love the games over at Swagbucks.  They're a lot of fun, and as you play them, you'll occasionally win Swag Bucks, which can be used to get prizes like $5 gift cards. 
  • Some other sites where you can play games and earn real prizes are iWon, GamesVille, and GamesVance.  If you do an Internet search for "play online games" and "win prizes," you'll be sure to find a plethora of sites where you can play and have fun and earn prizes as well!
  • Facebook, of course, has many, many, many free games available there that you can play by yourself or with friends.  
  • Search for sites about your favorite shows, movies, music, or products.  You may find games at these sites
  • Check out sites for a specific character you like.  For instance, if you're a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog from the Sega video games, you can find lots of Sonic-themed games at
  • Be careful going to game sites that you're unfamiliar with.  Some may infect your computer with viruses!  Be sure to have virus software on your computer and run it regularly.
  • If your child is playing online, be sure that they do not enter any personal information such as their name or location.  It's best if you keep a close eye on them while they play.

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