Friday, February 10, 2012

A big splurge

I went shopping for meat at my local kosher supermarket.  I needed chicken - both whole chickens for my Everything Soup and boneless chicken breasts for dishes like my Honey Mustard Herb Chicken - but I also wanted to splurge a little on some meat for a nice meal for Valentine's Day.

It turned out to be more of a big splurge - I bought kosher veal cutlets for $16.99 a pound!

But I only bought less than half a pound, so it ended up being around $7.50 for the meat.  Expensive, but a restaurant meal would be far, far more expensive than that!

(Note: these prices are for kosher meat, which for many reasons is much more expensive than conventional meat.  These prices are not indicative of regular meat prices in my area.)

Here's what I got:

7.72 lb whole chicken @ $2.49/lb = $19.22
0.44 lb veal cutlet @ $16.99/lb = $7.48
3.47 lb boneless chicken breast @ $4.99/lb = $17.32

Total spent: $44.02

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