Sunday, November 13, 2011

Walgreens: Finding your own deals

Think that you need blog matchup lists or coupon databases to get a great deal?

Sometimes all you really need is the weekly ad.

Take this week.  I haven't had time yet to plan my usual Sunday trips to Walgreens and CVS, so I decided to put them off until Monday.  But I had $9 in Register Rewards from Walgreens that expired today, and there was no way that I was going to lose them.

I could've just bought my usual go-to item, toilet paper.  But I really wanted to roll the RRs so that I'd have them to spend on Thanksgiving, when the drug stores usually have amazing deals.  So I picked up the weekly ad and took a look through.

I found a deal on Estroven for $9.99, receive $9.99 in Register Rewards.  And I saw an in-ad coupon for Royal gelatin, 5/$1.00.  So I combined those two and quickly went in to roll the RRs:

1 Estroven @ $9.99 (receive $9.99 RR)

3 Royal strawberry gelatin @ 20¢ = 60¢ (extra items - I was using four RRs, so I needed four items)

Total product: $10.59
Pay with $10 RR ($9 [$5, $2, $2] from two weeks ago and $1 from last week)
Total out of pocket: 59¢
Total saved compared to Walgreens full prices: $23.40
Register Rewards received: $10

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