Monday, June 6, 2011

Walgreens: The hunt for fish oil

I headed over to Walgreens yesterday to get a few deals. Like my trip to CVS, there just wasn't all that much excitement for me in the weekly ad. I did see a deal on fish oil capsules that I liked and wanted to try.

So I headed over to the supplements aisle to look for the product. I looked all up and down the aisle. Couldn't find it.

I checked the endcap of the aisle, where last week I had found the calcium supplements that were free after Register Rewards. Not there, either.

I checked again. Still not there.

So I went over to the pharmacy and asked if they knew. They didn't, so they called over an employee to help me look. She couldn't find it. Then, the employee called over a manager. He couldn't find it, either.

Finally, the employee looked up where it was, and we found it. There was one box left, and it was all the way in the back. And there was no tag stating the sale - usually this Walgreens is excellent at labeling.

But I got it. Yay!

 Transaction #1:

Omega Smart Super Critical Ultimate Fish Oils @ $10 (receiev $10 RR)
- $2 off Omega Smart fish oils printable coupon
= $8.00

1 Walgreens peanut butter cups @ 49¢ (extra item)

Total product: $8.49
Pay with $8 RR from two weeks ago
Total product after RRs: 49¢
Tax: 3¢
Total out of pocket: 52¢

Transaction #2:
3 Cascade @ $3.99 = $11.97 (buy $10 in products, receive $3 RR)
- 3 25¢ off Cascade coupons from the 6/5 P&G insert
=  $11.22

2 Walgreens peanut butter cups @ 49¢ = 98¢ (extra items)

Total product: $12.20
Pay with $10.99 in Register Rewards ($10 from above transaction and 99¢ from last week)
Total after RRs: $1.21
Tax: 78¢
Total out of pocket: $1.99
Received $3 RRs

Total of two transactions: $2.51
Total saved in two transactions: $41.23

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