Friday, May 6, 2011

Publix: Loaded up on cereal again

A few weeks ago I had eighteen boxes of cereal in the house. Before I went shopping today, we had two. And one of them was open.

Yes, my family does like cold cereal. The kids like it for snacks as well as breakfast. And we go through a lot. Thank goodness for cereal sales and coupons!

Also, last week I did something I almost never, ever do: I paid for a newspaper to get coupons.  Specifically, there was a $5 off $30 Publix coupon in last Wednesday's paper.  I decided to buy one more copy (besides the one I normally receive), which cost 75¢.  I've included the cost of that paper in this trip.

I also used the $10 off $50 gas card coupon in the weekly ad to get a $50 gas card for only $40.  I haven't included that cost (or savings) below.

Here's what I got this week at Publix:

6 Kellogg's Rice Krispies cereal @ BOGO $3.99 = $11.97
- 3 $1/2 Rice Krispies coupons from the 4/17 RedPlum insert
= $8.97 for six, or $1.50 each

6 Kellogg's Crunchy Nut cereal @ BOGO $3.99 = $11.97\
- 6 70¢ off Crunchy Nut coupons from the 3/27 RedPlum insert
= $7.77 for six, or $1.30 each

2 Kraft mayo @ BOGO $5.18
- $1/2 Kraft mayo coupon from the 4/10 Smartsource insert
= $4.18 for two, or $2.09 each

2 Tidy Cat litter @ BOGO $2.49 (for the pet rabbit)
- 2 $1 off Tidy Cat coupons from the 5/1 SmartSource insert
= 49¢ for two, or 25¢ each

1 newspaper @ 75¢ (bought last Wednesday but included here as a couponing expense)

$5 off $30 Publix coupon from the Spring Cleaning Sale booklet (found in newspaper)

Total before coupons: $32.26
Total after coupons: $17.16
Total savings based on full-priced items at Publix: $56.81
Real savings: (what I saved compared to buying these items at an everyday low prices store like ALDI or Walmart) approximately $12

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Anonymous,  May 7, 2011 at 6:30 AM  

Your family likes cereal just as much as mine. I stocked up on the Crunchy nut when it was b1g1 at harris teeter 3 weeks ago. I got 14 boxes. We are almost done! My kids eat them as snacks. My 3 year old has to bring snacks to school for the other kids once a month and we brought some of the cereal which was a big hit! Gotta love cheap cereal. Crunchy nut is really good!

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