Friday, April 29, 2011

Produce store: Yummy salad makings

One of the big complaints that people have about couponers is that they don't seem to buy healthy food.

Well, I didn't use any coupons for this particular trip, but I was able to spend under $11 and get most of the makings for my healthy, yummy lunches. Pretty much every day, I have a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and whatever other salad veggies I have. I add canned beans to the salad (I bought many cans during the Publix Italian Days sale), as well as a protein source - hard-boiled eggs, tuna, or poached chicken. And I top it either with a homemade salad dressing (with the olive oil and vinegar purchased with sales and coupons) or occasionally a bottled salad dressing that I've bought for super cheap.

So to those of you who think you can't eat healthy on a budget - it is possible! I realize not all of you will have a discount produce place - but maybe you do! Look around, check out farmer's markets and specialty places. You might be surprised what's available!

Here's what I got at my produce store:

1 bunch asparagus @ 99¢
1 bunch celery @ 99¢
1 head Romaine lettuce @ 99¢
1 honeydew melon @ 99¢
1 container strawberries @ $1.50
17 mini sweet peppers @ 50¢/lb
6 Roma tomatoes @ 99¢/lb'
2 cucumbers @ 2/99¢

Total spent: $10.93

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