Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Produce store: Changing the rules... again!

I am loving my new produce store... but the rules keep changing on me!

It used to be that they had a 50% off day on Fridays. But when I went last Friday, it had changed - the 50% sale was now on Sunday evenings.

So I went Sunday evening. And... the rules had changed again!

Now, the owner told me, there would be selected items 50% off each day. Before, when everything was 50% off, people would come and buy on the sale day, but there was little business the rest of the week. This way, he can give savings on the items that need to move out of the store, and there should be more traffic each day.

So now, my strategy will be to go when I'm passing the store and see what's on sale that day, but I won't make a special trip. And the things I get each time will be a surprise! That will really make me be more creative with my cooking, and we'll get lots of variety as well. For instance, on this trip, eggplants and yellow squash were 50% off. I bought some; I'll make ratatouille with them.

Here's what I got:

3 leaf lettuces @ 3/$1.00
3 green peppers @ 50¢/lb
2 red peppers @ 50¢/lb
2 yellow peppers @ 50¢/lb
2 packages strawberries @ BOGO 99¢
1 eggplant @ 50¢/lb
2 yellow squash @ 50¢/lb
4 Cubanelle peppers @ 50¢/lb

Total spent: $7.35

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