Sunday, April 10, 2011

CVS: Clearance rack fun

I skipped CVS last week, but it was calling my name this week.  I didn't have the time to plan a bunch of scenarios, and I've spent almost my full grocery budget already this week, so my plan was to just go and pick up the two Sunday-Tuesday freebies:

  • Buy one Russell Stover single egg at 74¢, receive 74¢ ECB
  • Buy one Super Miracle Bubbles at $1.99, receive $1.99 ECB
Then I would pay with the $2 in ECBs that I have, and only spend 73¢ plus tax, and I would receive $2.73 in ECBs for next time.

Well, that was the plan, anyway.

I get to my store and ran my card through the coupon machine - and I got a $1.50 ECB reward for my shopping from the first three months.  Hmph, not all that much, but a little is better than nothing!  And that made my plan even better - I could use $2.50 in ECBs and pay only 23¢ plus tax.

I found the egg right away.  Then I went looking for the bubbles.  In the summer items, I found a six-pack of the bubbles, but not the one that was on special.  When I asked the cashier about it, he said that they hadn't received that item.

Really, CVS, is it too much to ask for you to have advertised sale items in the store?  This is the second time in a few weeks this had happened - check out my eggs-asperating CVS trip.

So, I had only an item selling for 74¢, and my smallest ECB was $1.  That would've meant that either I could use the ECB and have them round it down (a waste of money), or pay it all out of pocket, or I could find another item to buy to bring the total up.  I decided on the third option.  Since I don't bring my coupons with me (I keep them in a file drawer), I checked out the clearance rack.

Normally, I skip the clearance rack, since as I mentioned I don't bring matching coupons with me, and you never know what might be there.  And the sign said, "25%-75% off," which didn't seem like such a great savings.  But I looked anyway.

First I found two bottles of body wash - hey, I can always use that!  I scanned the UPC with the coupon machine - the original price was $5.39, but with a CVS card it was 60¢!  That's an 88% savings - not too bad!  I also found 2 bags of silly bands for 30¢ each (originally $2.99) to use in my daughter's birthday party goody bags, and I found a small bottle of ACT fluoride rinse for only 10¢ (originally 99¢).

Total product cost: $2.64
Paid with $2.50 ECBs
Total after ECBs: 14¢
Tax: 1¢
Total out of pocket: 15¢
Received 74¢ ECB
Total saved: $19.68

So the trip turned out okay after all!  I'm definitely going to be more aware of the clearance rack items from now on.  Check the one in your store - you never know what you might find there, and how much you might save!

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Saida April 15, 2011 at 3:15 AM  

That's an excellent deal! Thank you for the heads up. I still haven't been able to find my store's clearance corner.I will ask the cashier next time around.

Jessica @ The Shoestring Budget April 15, 2011 at 4:07 PM  

Wow! Awesome trip! Saida, I haven't been able to find a clearance rack at the 2 stores I go to either. Maybe they hide them from us :) And Laura, you're not the only one with an exasperating CVS. I don't know how many times my store hasn't had the items that were on sale. And I usually go on a Sunday afternoon! Then on top of that, they don't give out normal rain checks. They just tell you that they'll call when your products come in. I've only got one phone call so far. So it's good to know that other people go through the same things as me sometimes! :)

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