Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Free samples of Clinique mascara - 100,000 available

I must admit a love of Clinique makeup. Especially when they have their Clinique Bonus Time and give away a collection of new and old products with a minimum purchase. Though I don't wear makeup all that much, and don't buy it too often, and try to keep my purchases to a minimum, if I'm needing makeup, I try to wait until the Bonus Time to get it.

But even better than that is free makeup! Clinique is having a drawing to give away 100,000 free mini High Impact Mascaras in black (0.07 oz). Like them on Facebook and click on the "Free Mascara" tab, and you'll be entered into the drawing. With 100,000 being given away, it's possible you might not win, but I'd say your chances aren't bad!

Click here to enter to win free Clinique mascara.

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