Thursday, April 15, 2010

Clear Out the Clutter Challenge: Master Bedroom

Clutter removal continues!  I'm taking part in the Clear Out the Clutter Challenge, hosted by Crystal over at Money Saving Mom

Check here for my clutter-clearing goals.  Previously I took on my kids' toys and my front hallway, and the pantry.  Next up, the master bedroom!

I'd love to tell you about how I was able to remove lots of clutter from my bedroom, donate or sell the unwanted items, and turn the master bedroom into a cozy, romantic sanctuary for my husband and me.

Unfortunately... that's not the case.  The place is cleaner, but still fairly cluttered.  I was able to recycle lots of paper and old magazines.  Toys that had found their way into our room were put back in their place.  And there was the usual junk that got thrown out.

Here's one problem: my house doesn't have enough general storage!  It's big enough for us and our three kids, but there is no area dedicated for storage.  No basement, no storage room, no hallway closets.  Just small closets in each bedroom.

So things end up getting stored, even temporarily, in the bedroom, which is fairly large, I will admit.  And once they're in there, it's hard to get them out.

One of the problems in the bedroom is books.  We like books.  I've already donated or sold pretty much all the books I don't want to keep, but that still leaves a sizable number.  We have some cheap bookcases from early marriage holding them, but they don't look great and are starting to fall apart.

Another is electronics.  When something electronic gets replaced, it usually ends up sitting in the bedroom instead of getting recycled somewhere.

And the third big problem is kid stuff.  Mostly, papers and artwork they've brought home from school.  I went through them last year, threw out a lot, photographed some of the things that wouldn't store well, and kept the best stuff, storing them in large art storage folders.  But this year there's more than ever!  It's a big project that I have to tackle.

I hope you're having more success in your clutter control than I am.  I will get the bedroom decluttered... someday!

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Cheryl Pitt April 16, 2010 at 9:12 PM  

We don't have enough storage either. It really is a problem, all our closets are tiny!

Eos Mom April 21, 2010 at 11:47 AM  

I could've written this post! Your house and bedroom sound Just Like Mine, oh my goodness the similarity--not enough storage and as I declutter the rest of the house (ever so incredibly slowly), the master bedroom remains the place for stuff that has no place. And we love books, they are everywhere around our house plus about 10 boxes in our garage--and our bookcases are from early marriage (although they are in our baby's room for now--got to rearrange that). Anyway, good luck as you continue to declutter!

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