Sunday, March 7, 2010

Menu Plan: Freezer bounty

Last week I filled up the freezer during my Freezer Cooking Days.  Now, it's time to start clearing it out again!  Passover is coming in three weeks, so I want to use up all the bread products and other items forbidden during the holiday that are in the freezer and refrigerator.  I'll need that room when I do my next Freezer Cooking Days at the end of March to prepare for the holiday.

Monday - vegetarian chili over whole-wheat pasta

Tuesday - tabbouleh salad with feta cheese over salad greens, whole-wheat garlic bread

Wednesday - mushroom pizza on homemade whole-wheat crust, fruit

Thursday - hot dogs, baked beans, whole-wheat pasta salad, cut-up veggies

Friday - chicken soup with matzo balls, challah, roast chicken, rice pilaf, salad

Saturday - breakfast for dinner - banana-strawberry whole-wheat pancakes

Sunday - takeout!

Check out Menu Plan Monday for other plans!

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