Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cookies and milk for under $2 at Target!

Today I got a gallon of milk and an 18-oz package of Oreos for under $2 at Target!

By becoming a fan of Nabisco Cookies on Facebook, on Monday I was able to print a coupon for free Nabisco cookies (6-24 oz) when you buy a gallon of milk. I paired this with a $1 off Target store coupon for Oreos, 18 oz or larger. (I had received this coupon along with several other Target store coupons in an insert that came with my newspaper a few weeks ago.) They took both coupons and gave me $1 overage toward the milk, which cost $2.99. So the milk and cookies together cost $1.99!

If you missed the free cookies coupon, don't worry - they will be giving away a coupon on the first Monday of every month!  (While you're becoming a fan of Nabisco Cookies, also become a fan of Frugal Follies!  Sorry, though, I won't be giving away free cookie coupons... ) If you did get a coupon, note that it expires on March 4th - so go get your cookies!

My kids think storebought cookies are a treat. They don't realize that for most kids, homemade cookies are the real treat. I guess the three rolls of chocolate chip freezer cookie dough I made for Freezer Cooking Day will get to sit in the freezer for a little longer!

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