Thursday, January 14, 2010

Friday Follies: My baking apple mix-up (link up your mix-ups, too!)

Friday Follies is a weekly feature here at Frugal Follies, where you can link up your story about a crazy, silly, or just boneheaded thing you did in the name of frugality.Last week I told the story about the strange thing in my freezer.

This week's Friday Folly for me was all about apples.  Last week I had bought a bag of Rome apples at a great price.  My daughters and husband take a piece of fruit in their lunches; I gave them the apples on Monday.  They all hated them so much, none of them could eat it!  What a waste.  I then discovered that there was a difference between baking apples and apples eaten out-of-hand.  I've never made an apple pie from scratch, so I guess I never learned this lesson before.

But the good news is, I made Crockpot Raspberry Applesauce from the remaining apples, and it was delicious!  So it worked out, after all.

What funny or crazy things have you done in the name of frugality? Please leave a link to your post.  I would appreciate it if you had a link back to Friday Follies in your post!  If you don't have a blog, then just leave a comment.  Thanks!

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