Monday, January 20, 2014

Swagbucks: Refer and earn 10% for life!

Swagbucks is kicking off their Birthday celebrations a month early with a big referrals promotion. As you know, I often talk about Swagbucks and include a referral link in my posts so I can vouch for how referrals can help you earn SB faster. Well now Swagbucks is doing something even better: From Jan 21 to Feb 25th each new person who signs up as your referral allows you to earn 10% of the Swag Bucks that they earn! Not just in Search wins like before but in almost every earning opportunity! Here’s the best part - you’ll continue earning 10% of their earnings FOR LIFE!

What are the qualified earnings? Anything found along the top menu bar: Shop, Search, Watch, Play, Answer, Discover. But that is not all - every SB earning from a mobile app or from the mobile site contributes too.

For example: You invite Bob today, he signs up and earns 14 SBs in Search, 12 SBs in SBTV, 6 SBs by playing games, 8 from Encrave Activities and 60 for a survey.  His daily earnings: 100 SB.  Your referral earnings from his activity: 10 SB.

Imagine Bob earns 100 SBs each day for a month.  Bob has 3,000 SBs and you have 300 SBs. It's easy as that! So if you'd like to get more Swag Bucks (& who wouldn't?) get started by inviting your friends now.

And if you haven't joined Swagbucks yet, click here to get started!

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