Friday, January 10, 2014

ALDI: Great baking deals

The best time to buy the ingredients to bake from scratch is usually around Thanksgiving and Christmas.  But I got some good deals on baking supplies at ALDI this week!

I found holiday baking chips - red- and green-colored and vanilla-flavored - for only 49 cents.  I plan to open both bags, sort them by color, and use the red chips for Valentine's Day cookies and the green ones for St. Patrick's Day.

I thought the baking cocoa was gone from the ALDI shelves until next holiday season, but I found some in the discount aisle.  It wasn't on sale, but I stocked up anyway.  I use cocoa in my homemade brownies as well as in hot cocoa - this will definitely come in handy!  I also found corn starch - not sure why that isn't available all year round, but I could use some after my daughter used up all my corn starch for a craft project.

Here's what I got this week at ALDI:

1 gallon milk @ $3.39
1 24-oz cottage cheese @ $2.29
2 green peppers 2-pk @ 99¢ = $1.98
2 whole wheat bread @ $1.29 = $2.58
1 mini chocolate chip morsels @ $1.29
2 holiday morsels @ 49¢ = 98¢
1 bag marshmallows @ 89¢
2 tortillas 20 pk @ $1.99 = $3.98
1 instant oatmeal 10-pk @ $1.49
1 corn starch @ 89¢
4 baking cocoa @ $2.19 = $8.76

Total: $28.52

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