Friday, October 11, 2013

Pillsbury Heat-N-Go! Mini Pancakes Review

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My whole family loves pancakes.  But despite them being a breakfast food, I rarely make them for breakfast.  Instead, I make them for dinner.  Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?

I don't make pancakes for breakfast because of the hassle involved. Getting all of the ingredients together, making the batter, cooking them one batch at a time, and then all the cleanup... it's just  too much to handle in the early morning!  At night, I can handle the hassle.

I like to get the kids out of the house with a hot breakfast, though.  So I was excited to get the opportunity to try new Pillsbury Heat-N-Go mini pancakes!

The wonder of pancakes and waffles in a Pouch. Pillsbury Heat-N-Go come in three tasty flavors of pancakes (Chocolatey Chip, Maple Burst’n and Blueberry) and one flavor of waffle (Maple Madness). Time and convenience are on your side as each serving comes individually wrapped with flavor already baked in, giving you and your family a delicious breakfast option in seconds without the mess!

Each serving also provides 14g of whole grain, 0g of trans fat and no high fructose corn syrup, so you can feel good about Pillsbury Heat-N-Go as a tasty treat at any time of the day!

Money Back Guarantee! If you are unsatisfied with the product, visit for details.

I received free product coupons from Pillsbury and headed over to my local Walmart to purchase them.  I was hoping to try all of the flavors, but my store only carried the blueberry variety.

There are eight mini pancakes in each bag.  They are so easy to make, even a youngster could make them. Just microwave the package, face down, for 45 seconds and allow to cool for another 30 seconds.  That's it!

You can eat them right out of the bag, or put them on a plate with some syrup for a more proper breakfast.  If your child is always late to leave for school, these pancakes are a great solution to getting them to eat breakfast.  Just heat the pancakes, open the bag, and take the bag with you and eat with your fingers.  Voila, a healthy and super quick breakfast!

But how do they taste?

Well, these are not going to be mistaken for homemade blueberry pancakes.  They are a bit rubbery, I must admit. And there wasn't as much blueberry flavor as I'd like in a blueberry pancake. But I don't think kids or adults in a rush will really notice, as they will be wolfing them down.

The portion size was good - I don't think anyone will still be starving after eating the eight pancakes, and it's not so large that there will be any left over.

Overall, I think it's a good product for a particular niche - for people who simply don't have time for a sit-down breakfast.  But I think they could be a bit more tasty.

Want to try Pillsbury Heat-N-Go! mini pancakes?   I found this product in the breakfast freezer section of my local Walmart.  Or check your local grocery store.

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