Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Empower 3-in-1 Adjustable Kettlebell Review

Thanks so much to Empower for providing the equipment for this review!

Exercising frugally can often be difficult. Gym memberships can be really expensive, and workout equipment, even bought used, can have a big price tag.

It's possible to find ways to get aerobic exercise cheaply.  The easiest is walking or running - just get a good pair of shoes and you're on your way!  Riding a bicycle or doing aerobics to a DVD can also be a cheap way to get your heart moving.

But aerobic exercise isn't the only thing you need - you need to do strength training, too.  A way to get that strength training in that's fun and cheap is by using a kettlebell, like the Empower 3-in-1 Adjustable Kettlebell.

A kettlebell is more or less a round or bell-shaped weight with a handle.  There are lots of exercises you can do with it, but most involve swinging the kettlebell.  You work not only the muscles you are targeting, but also all of the other muscles used to stabilize your body.

I first learned about kettlebell training when I read the book The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss.  The book showed how swinging the kettlebell would work all of your muscles and get you in great shape.  I was so excited, I went to the sports store, armed with some gift cards and coupons, and purchased a 35-pound kettlebell that the author recommended for women.

When I got home and tried to use it, I found that it was way, way, way too heavy for me to use.  I could only swing it a few times.  Forget about using it for any other use than the standard swing.  And there was no way to make it any lighter so that I could work up to its weight.

That's one reason I was excited to hear about the Empower 3-in-1 Adjustable Kettlebell.  It can be set to be 5, 8, 9, or 12 pounds, depending on the type of exercise and your strength level.  And there are lots of different exercises you can do with it.

To teach you, a DVD is included with the kettlebell.  It gives you an introduction to teach you how to remove and add the kettlebell weights.  It then gives you three different workouts led by fitness expert Gin Miller.

Each workout begins with a warmup and ends with a cooldown.  The three workouts are:
  • Swing Yourself Slender - calorie blaster
  • Swing Yourself Strong - upper body toning
  • Swing Yourself Sexy - lower body toning
I really had lots of fun using the Empower Kettlebell!  Swinging it around doesn't feel like you're working out at all.  Just make sure you leave yourself lots of room - you don't want to hit the kettlebell on any furniture or person!  The workouts were a lot of fun and were very easy to follow.  It's something I could see doing regularly!

Want to give the Empower 3-in-1 Adjustable Kettlebell a try?  Check this list of the Empower retail partners to find a store near you.  (If you have a coupon for that store, all the better!)

I definitely recommend this product - give it a try!

(I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.)


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