Sunday, June 9, 2013

Menu plan 6-10-13: The costs of not planning meals

I haven't posted a meal plan in a few weeks.  I figured, since I seem to plan the same stuff over and over again, why do I need to plan meals?

But here's some of the costs of not planning:
  • Leftovers didn't get used up and ended up being thrown away.  What a waste of money!  
  • Vegetables went bad in the crisper instead of being used for healthy meals.
  • My kids asked for certain meals, and since I didn't have specific plans in mind, I made what they asked for.  Those meals might not have been as healthy as the ones I would have planned.
  • I was really tempted to get takeout.  I didn't cave in, but I easily could have.
So I'm back to planning again!

Here's this week's plan:

Monday - Creamy Garlic Shells with Salmon, Caesar salad

Tuesday - hamburgers, baked tortilla chips, veggie sticks

Wednesday - Cannelini and Feta Casserole, salad

Thursday - Veggie Burritos

Friday -  breaded chicken strips, pasta with garlic and oil, salad, challah

Saturday - grilled cheese with tomato soup

Sunday - takeout

See Menu Plan Monday for more menus!

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