Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Saving money on moving

Thanks to the folks at Unpakt for sponsoring this post!

Usually when I write blog posts giving tips to save on something, I write from my own experience.  But this time, I have to admit that I really don't know a lot about the subject - moving.

I've really one made one major move in my entire adult life.  I've moved in and out of dorm rooms and out of my parents' home, but those weren't huge endeavors.  And even for the one move, we moved from a small apartment with not much stuff in it into a larger home.  And on that move, we moved all but the largest pieces of furniture ourselves.

But if we ever have to move again, this time it'll be a huge move, and probably an expensive one.  So I'm sure I'd be looking for money-saving tips, just as you might be.

Luckily, the folks at Unpakt have lots of advice on saving money when moving!  

They have lots of advice on their blog about ways to save money when moving.  For instance, they list several ways that using old rags and towels can help you on your move!  For instance:
  • Use them to fill spaces in boxes, or to wrap individual plates or bowls.
  • Use them to clean your cupboards, shelves, drawers, and refrigerator before you move.
  • Line your car's trunk with old sheets before you place moving boxes in.
  • Use them to make temporary to keep both the old and new home's floors clean.
Check out more uses for old rags and towels in your move here.  And check out other money-saving moving ideas in their blog such as 8 Ways to Be Frugal During a Move, the Top 7 Moving Mistakes to Avoid and 8 Signs You Shouldn't Move.  (Not moving saves 100% on the cost of moving, after all!)

Planning your move ahead of time will save you money and give you peace of mind, too. So when I heard about Unpakt, the first web app/digital marketplace/price comparison site for moving services, I was interested in learning more.

Unpakt lets you find reputable moving companies, compare exact prices and user reviews, and book online instantly - in less than an hour! It's available in areas from coast to coast, including my local area of South Florida (Miami).

Here's how it works. First, visit the Unpakt website and make a plan to move your home, whether it be a studio apartment or a 3,000 square foot, 4-bedroom home.  You'll figure out how many pieces of furniture you have and how many boxes you'll need.   For a typical 3-bedroom, 1500 square foot home, that might be 92 items of furniture and 77 boxes.  (Definitely think about selling or giving away unneeded items before a move!)

After that, decide whether you would like to move your items yourself, or hire a mover for it.  Moving your items yourself might seem cheaper, but there are lots of reasons not to do it.  Check out this post listing Reasons Moving Yourself Is Not Worth the Hassle.

Then, you compare movers in your area with your specifications to find the best deal.  You'll get an exact, guaranteed price for your planned move. (But note that this can change if you change your move plan later, such as adding more furniture or boxes to your move, or you move a farther distance away.) Unpakt also includes user reviews of the different movers as well.

If you don't want to commit to one particular mover, or are just exploring the costs for a potential move, you can save your move plan for a future time.  If you find one you like, you can book your move online!

I really like the concept of the Unpakt service (though I have not yet actually tried it) because it definitely saves time and gives peace of mind. You don't have to call and make appointments with several movers to get ballpark moving estimates which can change on the actual moving day. (Or worse, they charge you more once they have your belongings in the truck! I have read about horror stories like that in the local newspaper.)  And since you have the exact amount you'll pay, it's easy to comparison shop, and thus save money on your move!

And here's another way to save even more on your move: Receive 5% instant cash back on your next move! Enter promo code: SPRING5 on Unpakt.com when booking and save. Must book by 6/30/13.

So if you plan to hire a mover for your move, definitely check out Unpakt!

(This post is sponsored by Unpakt and may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.)


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