Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cheap magazine subscriptions

Thanks to Subscription Addiction for providing the information for this post!

When I needed to cut back on expenses, one of the first things to go were magazines.  They were low-hanging fruit: they're an ongoing expense that is clearly a want, not a need.  The articles, while interesting and entertaining, generally aren't important to my life.  And any information I find in magazines, I can probably find online or at the library.

Yet, I still enjoy reading magazines!  When you only have a few minutes to read, it's tough to get started reading a book, only to put it down again.  The magazine format is great to fill those extra minutes here and there while you're waiting for something.  You can bring them anywhere and don't have to worry about finding wi-fi.  And the light, breezy articles are great for reading when you don't really want to activate your brain.

So though I've cut some magazine subscriptions, I'm always on the lookout for getting them inexpensively.  I often find free subscription deals, which I publish here for all of you on Frugal Follies.  For instance, right now I'm receiving one-year subscriptions of Family Fun, Allrecipes, and Better Homes and Gardens - all of which I got for free.

If you're looking for a specific magazine, though, it's easier to find an inexpensive deal than waiting around for months and months, hoping to find a free deal.  One great source of inexpensive magazines that I recently discovered is Subscription Addiction.

Subscription Addiction is a great source for low-cost magazine subscriptions.  For instance, right now they have lots of major magazines for 40%, 50% or even 76% off!  I saw a Good Housekeeping subscription for only $10 - what a great deal!

And even better are Subscription Addiction's subscription packages.  You can get three subscriptions of selected titles for only $30, and four subscription for only $35.  The latter deal means you'll get each subscription for under $9 each.  Wow!

And even better - you can use the code mom15per to save an additional 15% off.  That means your four subscriptions will be only $29.75, or around $7.50 each.  That's a great deal!

So if you've cut out magazine subscriptions in your quest to be more frugal, you don't need to get rid of them completely.   Check out Subscription Addiction!

(This post is sponsored by Subscription Addiction and may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.)


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