Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Support your local school with Box Tops!

I've found one great benefit of couponing over purchasing store brands - besides saving more money, of course - is that I can take part in programs like Box Tops for Education.

When I only bought store brands, I never had many Box Tops to donate.  Now that I use coupons, I find myself buying the items that have Box Tops simply because they're a good deal.  Being able to donate the Box Tops to my daughter's school is an added benefit.

In fact, one year her class won an ice cream party because of all of the Box Tops that I and the other parents donated!  Read about the ice cream party here.

Every year, my daughter's school gets lots of money from Box Tops that can be used for all the extras that aren't paid for anymore.  If you want to help your child's school, join Box Tops and designate the school you want to help!  You'll also find lots of coupons on the site to help you save on Box Tops products, and you can earn Bonus Box Tops as well.

Click here to join Box Tops for Education.

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