Monday, April 15, 2013

Save on carpet cleaning

We have wall-to-wall carpet and three active kids, so we often find ourselves needing to clean the carpets.  If you're in the same boat, here are some tips to help you save on carpet cleaning!

First, try to avoid making messes:
  • Don't track in dirt!  Put a doormat at the front door and a carpet runner inside.  Teach your kids to wipe off their feet on the doormat.  Then hopefully any remaining dirt will come off on the first few steps on the carpet runner, before they reach the carpet.
  • Have the kids take off their shoes at the door, so they won't track in more dirt. Some people do this with everyone, including guests.  We take off our shoes indoors, but not because of the dirt - because we all like to go barefoot!
  • Keep food and drinks in the kitchen only, to avoid spills onto the carpet.
  • Do art projects in the kitchen to avoid spills on the carpet as well.
  • Keep the floor as clutter-free as possible.
  • Vacuum regularly. 
If you do need to clean, try cleaning it yourself first:
  • Make your own carpet cleaning products - do an Internet search to find homemade recipes to keep your carpet clean.
  • Use commercially available products.  To save even more, buy them on sale with coupons.  There are often carpet cleaning coupons available - search for them by clicking on the Coupon Database tab above.
  • Try renting a steam cleaner and cleaning it yourself.  Coupons for steam cleaner rental and the cleaners you'll need are often available as well.
If you choose to use a professional carpet cleaning service:
  • Get recommendations from family and friends to find a good, reliable company.  Your friends might even get a referral fee from the company. 
  • Look for online coupons for carpet cleaning companies to help you save as well.
  • Get several estimates. Be careful of estimates that seem too low - they may add on additional fees while or after doing the cleaning.
  • Be sure to ask what space will be cleaned at what rate.  Ask about any extra fees that might be added on.
  • Consider only cleaning the high-traffic areas - you might be charged more to move and clean under furniture.  Again, be sure to remove clutter from the area to make the job quicker.
Hope these tips help you save on getting your carpet clean!

(This post is brought to you by Green Choice Carpet. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.)


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