Friday, April 19, 2013

How to raise $2,000 in thirty days

I once read a story about a scientific study that said that almost half of all Americans couldn't find a way to raise $2,000 in thirty days.  Here's a news story about the study.

I was pretty incredulous about this, because most of us have so much stuff in our houses, you'd think it would be pretty easy to raise $2,000!

If you need to raise that kind of money quickly, here are a few things you can consider selling:
  • Books are easy and simple to sell on sites like eBay,, and  Go to these sites, type in the ISBN of your book, and see how much they are currently going for.  The best sales are for current best-sellers, particularly those which were published in paperback originally.  Hardback books don't sell as well.
  • Many other household goods can be sold on Amazon.  Again, the best items are more recent products that buyers would currently be looking for.  They can also be sold on eBay.
  • Technology products are particularly easy to sell.  Do a search on how to sell cell phones , then take those steps and sell your cell phone - replace with a prepaid phone instead.
  • If you have handheld products like iPads, these will also sell well - the newer model the better, of course.
  • List furniture and other large items that are difficult to ship on Craigslist to sell to local buyers.
  • Have a giant yard sale for all of those other items.  You can sell lemonade and cookies as well to make a little extra money.
So, I think pretty much everyone could raise $2,000 if they had to.  Hope these tips help you raise a little extra money from the items you already have!

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