Sunday, April 28, 2013

Clean out your children's closets and make money!

If you have lots of outgrown kids' clothes and want to make some extra money, but don't have the time to list things on eBay or bring the items to a consignment shop, this site is for you!

Head over to Kindermint and sign up.  You'll be sent a free Mint Pack.  Fill it with the children's clothes that you want to sell, then send it back postage-paid.  They will total up how much they'll take for your clothes and send the money to you via PayPal or check!

Please note you'll need to put down a $4.95 deposit via credit card to cover the Mint Pack in case you don't return it. You'll be refunded the deposit when you return the Mint Pack.  And if they don't wish to buy an item, they'll issue a Receipt of Donation for tax write-off purposes.

Learn more about Kindermint.

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