Monday, April 22, 2013

$350 Amazon Gift Code or Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Giveaway

Congratulations to Joys of Life on celebrating its first anniversary!

Frugal Follies is helping Joys of Life celebrate this milestone by hosting this giveaway for a $350 Amazon gift code OR a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2!

Enter below, then leave a comment. Thanks!

It's About Time! Joys Of Life is now officially an year old now! Founded on April 05, the blog is dedicated to healthy living, tips & tricks, reviews, giveaways and so much more to entertain their readers. 

Joys Of Life is really proud and thankful to all their loyal readers and fans for their continuous support and for that reason we decided to team up with our most amazing bloggy friends to bring together a fabulous giveaway for our wonderful readers as a "Thank You" gift.


This giveaway is hosted and sponsored by Joys Of Life and special thanks to our lovely sponsors, contributors and co-hosts Whats Up Reviews and Giveaways, Empowered Mommy, Sparkling Mom, Global Media Moms.

Open to the audiences world-wide - Win Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - 10 inch or Amazon Gift Card Code Value $350 with Joys of Life this birthday! 

Enter via rafflecopter widget below. This giveaway will run from April 22, 13 to May 22, 13. Make sure you complete all the entries to maximize your chances of winning. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: This giveaway is brought to you by of Joys Of Life, Empowered Mommy, Sparkling Mom, Global Media Moms and other bloggers who contributed towards the giveaway. This giveaway is in no way related and/or endorsed by Facebook.  I was not compensated for the publication of this post. All views are 100% my own. Frugal Follies is not responsible for the shipment of the prize. 
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laura moreland  

no i dont own a tablet but someday i wish for one thanks for this chance


Don't own won but would love one!
morales_y at yahoo dot com


no, not yet, but I would love to buy an ipad or samsung galaxy with the amazon gift card

Mystic Misha  

I bought an Android tablet and am still trying to figure it out!

Dona Keyton  

I don't own one yet, but I have been entering all types of contests for over two months. About to give up.


I do not own a Tablet.

Julie B.

Bella Taul  

I do not own a tablet but would really love to. Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity.

stacey dempsey  

i have an ipad mini but I gave it to my oldest son as a gift at xmas
(oh the vote for mewgomania link does not work)


No, I don't. I've wanted one for the longest time. Keeping my fingers crossed...


I have an android tablet. I would love to win this to gift it to my brother!


I have an iPad but I'd love to win a tablet for my sister. :)


I don't have a tablet yet, although I do have a Sony e-reader.


I don't own a tablet. I work from home, so I use my desktop.


I don't own a tablet.

My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com


Hello, yes I have the first generation iPad and I love it and I use it constantly. Thanks for a great giveaway!



I don't own a tablet... keep hoping to win one tho!

sksweeps (at) earthlink (dot) net


No tablet, but want one!! Thanks!
cornellfamily at CenturyTel dot net


$300 cash or 3 handbags (4/30)

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I have an iPad2


selinda_mccumbers at

Jaime Brown  

I don't have a tablet, just a duct taped laptop lol, thank you:)

Frugal Follies  

@lisagee1234 - thanks for the heads-up! I've removed all of the backlinks to the other bloggers' sites from this giveaway, as that has been the source of other problems like this in the past. Sorry for the inconvenience.


My husband has a Nexxus 7, but I never really use it.


No I don't own a tablet. This would be neat to win!


I don't own a tablet, but I'd like to have one to take to class or when I'm traveling instead of needing to carry my heavy laptop

Anika Hughes,   

I don't have one but hopefully I'll win this one :)


I own a blackberry playbook right now. I'd love to get an Android tablet!


I own an iPad, but I would love to win this for someone :)


I don't have one but my husband is very happy with the Samsung Note he got for Christmas.


All I own is a smartphone - no access to a regular computer! Thank you, sincerely Randy.

Ron Casteel  

No I don't own a tablet but my daughter does and she loves it

Jennifer McLean  

I used to own the iPad first generation but it had just so many limitations I sold it. I'd still love the freedom of a tablet but haven't decided which to try next.


No I do not have a tablet but would love to try one. I am not very techy but I have heard they are not difficult to learn. Thank you


I don't but I have a laptop and an iPhone.. so if I can get them to have a baby I will !


none as of yet.... hopefully, this giveaway will remedy the situation.


we have an original ipad!
timgus at cox dot net

Amy Green,   

don't own a tablet, not planning on buying one!


I own an Ipad, love love love it!!

Kevin Linkie

Robert Raimondi  

I do not own a tablet, but I want the note 2, or the nexus 10 most of all, one of the various ipads wouldnt be bad, but I prefer the android tablets personally

Jessica Schank Snow  

Yes, but my husband uses it.
It's a Kindle.
Thanks for the great giveaway! =)


Doesn't own a tablet, would love to win this one :D

Colin M.,   

Don't own a tablet but sure could use one. Samsung always makes a quality product!

Ciara B.,   

no tablets for me.. yet

Oksana V.  

I have not got a tablet but i would love too!

Thank you for the chance!



I don't have a tablet and so I hope to win this one.
mpwhelanpeng [at] yahoo [dot] com


no,I do not own a tablet sadly..but would love to win this one! :)

(Karla Sceviour on rafflecopter)

Daniel M,   

don't have a tablet - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com


It depends on whether or not I win this giveaway.

Christie M,   

I own a Polaroid and it is is actually pretty cool


Dont own a tablet yet and this one looks awesome!


I own a Samsung Galaxy tab. Thanks for the giveaway!


dont own a tablet..would love to have one though


I haven't had any tablet..
:( I'd like iPad or Samsung

Kris Aur  

Yes I own a tablet, It's the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.

Kris Aur  

I believe the contest for Mewgomania, which requires us to vote to get 1 entry has ended.

It is the entry that says "Vote for Mewgomania" and when I click that link it takes me to the Facebook page of "Barefoot Wine & Bubby". specifically the Bubbly Contest page. After searching everywhere for a place to vote I checked the contest details (on the FB contest page) and states, "The Contest begins at 10:00 AM ET on 4/1/13 and ends at 11:59:59 PM ET on 4/30/13."

Please note that I DID submit an entry for this one. If this is not allowed please adjust my entries -1 and I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you!

kes may  

I don't own a tablet but I would like to!!! Thank you :-)


no, i do not own a tablet, but i have a laptop.


I don't own a tablet, but it is on my wishlist.

Les Johnson

Natalie U.  

My hubby has an iPad, but I don't have anything
pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com


My family does have a Kindle Fire, but I'd like to have a second device around here for us to share. Really appreciate the giveaway!

Shari Parker  

my son whom has autism has a ipad which is helpin him commincate would love a tablet for my aspergers daughter though


No, I do own a tablet but it is on my wish list.


Susan P.  

I won a Kindle and a Kindle Fire HD and I bought an iPad with money from a sweepstakes win.


I don't have a tablet, but I've wanted one for the longest time!

Pradeep Rao  

I do not own a tablet, nor a laptop and want a tablet badly for my office purposes. Thanks to the idea of giving away a tablet

Sharukh Khan  

Tab is very important for everyday task, i am very much glad for your efforts.

Thank You!


i've never owned anything android yet.......

Endless Summer  

I don't own a tablet!

Elena Rudaya
queen-of-pain at yandex dot com

Brandi H,   

I don't own a tablet, but I sure would love to have one!


I do not own a tablet, but have wanted to own one for a very long time.

Angel Jacklyn  


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