Monday, March 11, 2013

Cheap spring cleaning tips / $500 cash giveaway

We've got a great giveaway going on below, but first, I wanted to share some great tips to save on your spring cleaning!

Make your own cleaners!  There are lots of great resources on the Internet about how to make your own cleaners for the fraction of the price of commercial cleaners.  Here are just a few:
Watch for sales on cleaning supples!  For instance, Publix often has a Spring Cleaning sale in March or April, with great prices on cleaners.

Check the drug stores!  Drug stores often have great deals, especially if you combine the sales with coupons and use the store's rewards program, such as Extra Care Bucks at CVS or Balance Rewards at Walgreens.

And of course, use coupons!  Here are a few online printable cleaning supply coupons that are currently available:
Now that you've learned some tips about spring cleaning, it's time to move on to the giveaway!

You can win $500 cash from, a great source for coupon codes and free shipping codes!  Thanks so much for sponsoring this giveaway!

This giveaway is open worldwide. Prize delivery is paid via Paypal. To enter the giveaway please use any of the entry options on the Rafflecopter. If you are drawn as the winner, we will verify the appropriate entry action has been completed. Winner will be contacted via e-mail. To claim your prize you must respond within 48 hours. This giveaway ends on March 31st, 2013.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Frugal Follies was not paid for this giveaway and is not responsible for prize disbursement.

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GreaT email:
I am crossing my fingers I could do some extra cash :-)


Going to SanDestin, Florida and need a new closet full of new clothes. Of coarse I will share with my two sister and three neices that are also going with us !


I would go up skiing one more time before the season is over.


I have been out of work for some time so $500 would help pay the bills.

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Mary Calabrese,   

I'd put it towards our lawyer's bills.

ighmeg at yahoo dot com

Susan P.  

I would take a vacation/road trip with my sister to SC and NC to see the waterfalls.


Cancel the last comment, if you would.
Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

I'd use it to pay some bills. Been out of work for 2 1/2 years and this would really help.

Rena m  

I would get all my sisters something and then put it towards something important... like future schooling or a car perhaps? =)


I would use the money to pay the mortgage.

Cindy Merrill,   

I'd be able to take my cats to the Vet for their rabies shots, long overdue.
writer61 (at)yahoo,dotcom

Lisa F.,   

I've had some hefty vet bills recently, so the money would go towards that.


Shopping spree! New clothes, makeup, & puppy!


If I won $500 I would purchase a dehydrator, containers & absorbency packs, then whatever is left over would go towards essential oils, waxes and other items to help clear out the chemicals in my home.

Surso S.,   

save it maybe or buy something for my wife if she wants


paying somes bilss and purchasing furniture for my busines


I would pay down some debt.

carolinebock1 at yahoo dot com

Christie M,   

Hmm so many things on the want list, but I think the hubby would love to actually have a decent tv


I would have a hard time choosing whether I should pay down my car or put it away in savings for my dream camera, the nikon d4...


I would use it to pay my college tuition (and get some neat decorations for my dorm)!


I'd have a full day of beauty...ooh la la


If I won, I would buy myself a pair of tennis shoes! Thanks for the great giveaway! connie danielson

Elizabeth Drake,   

....Buy a PS Vita for myself or a tablet for my mother.


would love to win the money to pay for things for my son who is due june 6th, 2013.


I would buy some bookshelves and organizing things for the house.

Kelly R.  

I'd pay off some bills and buy some spring clothes.


Spoil the gkid. ddecember(at)aol.(Com)


There are a few kickstarts that I'd like to support.


I would use it to visit my family, who live way too far away :(

savannah hadden  

I would love to use this to take my son to Sea World or Lego Land and pay a bill!


buy tires for my husband - is what I would like to do

kathy f  

I would buy plants and get my garden ready for spring.


I would put the money towards a swimming pool!


I lost a lot of weight since Christmas....i'd buy clothes!


I would buy a plane ticket to Florida!

Leanne Cobbledick,   

Pay bills and buy ggroceries. Put some of it towards my garden.


buy something new formyself-i never shop ever formyself

Meaghan F.  

I'd put most of it towards my monthly college debt repayment, and spend the rest on a good vacuum because ours is broken.


I would use it for house repairs.
kathyluman@gmail dot com


Put it toward our family vacation
annabella @ centurytel dot net

Sarah Perry  

I would put it in savings, or use it towards groceries and bills :)
oddball2003 at hotmail dot com


I would pay off some bills and donate to St. Jude's Hospital.


I would pay some bills & my debts to my friends!


I would pay some bills & pay off debts to my friends!

Patty Coleman  

I would use the $500 towards savings for flooring for our house. (entering giveaway with


i would help my parents pay bills, including my tuition!!!


I would put it in our house purchase fund for all those little extras we will need


My car broke down on me 3 months ago, so I'd put the $500 towards my down payment on a car


we're in the process of buying our first home so it will probably go towards one of the appliances we need to buy maggiestuff at gmail dot com


I'm on unemployment so this would help me stock up the house and plan ahead.

ky2here at msn dot com


we would get an xbox w/ kinect and games.. we re missing out on all the fun!!
addrienne mertens

Chad H,   

I would take the kids on a miny vacation and buy my wife something nice for mothers day.


Pay off some bills!!!

Danielle F.


I'd use some to pay bills and some to buy birthday presents for my soon-to-be-3 year old daughter.


I would use the money for a day trip to NYC.


I need some fabric supplies for my clothing.
Rini I.
rinei.martiani at gmail dot com


I would help my future mother in law with her bills.


I would put the money towards my bills

kannw27 at gmail dot com

Tina Demarco  

id go buy paint n supplies this place need a paint job... pencil n crayon n everything else all over the walls.... darn kids lol


Hire somebody to clean all my windows and blinds...

ltlbitone@yahoo dot com

Angelina Rivera,   

I will buy a new phone coz my phone's not working anymore :(

Vincent Rivera,   

I will use the money for my tuition and for my materials in school! I hope that I can win


I would buy some new clothes for me and toys for my pets

morganowl28 at gmail dot com


I'm going to spend it on new equipment


Pay bills maybe get a little bit of clothes, or put it towards getting my first car :D


This would help me pay for my dogs surgery.. he needs a tumor removed and I have not the money to pay for it.


I'd relax, take a vacation, and treat a friend if I won this $500

Maegan Morin  

I would use it to buy a new cd player for my husbands truck!


I would buy some new work clothes.


I would buy my granddaughter a pageant dress for upcoming pageant


I would use it to get a cat from the humane society - for the fees, pet deposit and all the necessities and things needed for a royality


I would put it towards an overnight trip for our family!


$439 would go to paying taxes which are due in a less than 30 days. :(

Emily Roesly  

I've always found my local CVS to be much more expensive than the supermarket.


I'd get groceries and clothes

alterna7 at hotmail dot com


I would put it into my savings account.


I would use it to pay for my dental work or buy a new pair of shoes, and save the rest.


I would buy groceries, a tank of gas and pay car insurance for the month.

wendym at cableone dot net

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