Monday, February 25, 2013

Ruth's Brownie Zingers Review


We here at the Frugal Follies household - well, except maybe for Mr. Frugal Follies - have a bit of a sweet tooth.

And when I say "a bit," I mean, any chocolate that manages to make it in the house is gone almost instantly.

So when Ruth's Brownie Kitchen, a small artisan bakery located in New York's Hudson Valley, asked me to give their Ruth's Brownie Zingers a try, well, that was pretty much a no-brainer.  Of course we would!

Ruth's Brownie Zingers are the very best part of Ruth's Brownie Kitchen's legendary brownies... the crunchy, cookie like tops. Like all of Ruth's ultra-premium baked goods, Ruth's Zingers are handcrafted-to-order using Ruth's secret blend of three different Valrhona chocolates. Zingers are available in three varieties: chocolate chunk, walnut and toffee crunch.

Ruth's Brownie Zingers were recently taste-tested by the staff of the New York Times.  Check out how they did:
Members of the Dining section staff held an informal tasting to compare the chocolate chip and toffee flavors of all three companies. Ruth’s Brownie Zinger’s toffee crunch was the clear winner in its category, though Brownie Brittle got a couple of votes for that flavor. Among the chocolate chip crisps, Ruth’s and Seth Greenberg were tied for the honors.
Read the full review here.

We were lucky enough to be able to try all three varieties of Brownie Zingers.  They arrived in a bubblegum-pink gift box, tied up in pink bows - perfect for giving as a gift.

Don't expect soft, moist brownies when you get them.  Ruth's Brownie Zingers are toasted brownie tops, and thus are more like cookies than brownies.  They are baked in large sheets and broken into pieces, so no two pieces are exactly the same shape. 

My tasting team (i.e., my three daughters) dove into the Chocolate Chunk variety.  They were crunchy and sweet, and big slabs of chocolate on top.  Yum!   My eldest daughter said, "This chocolate is so good... I... I..." and then couldn't finish her sentence.  Probably because she ate another one!

Next was the toffee.  The small bits of toffee were sprinkled generously on the top of the Brownie Zingers.  Everyone like this one too, although I thought the toffee flavor could have been a little stronger.  When I asked my eldest for a reaction, she said, "Can't talk. Eating."

And lastly, the walnut brownies.  My youngest didn't want to try them because of the nuts, which left more for the rest of us!  My eldest daughter said about them in a British accent, "It is the perfect combination of nutty goodness and chocolate delight."

On the down side, obviously, those families with nut allergies should unfortunately avoid the Zingers.  And because the Zinger pieces are broken up, I found lots of brownie crumbs, toffee chunks, and walnuts at the bottoms of the bags.  But they would be good for using as a topping for ice cream, I think.

Overall, we really loved Ruth's Brownie Zingers, and I think they would make a great gift for the chocoholic in your life!

Would you like to try Ruth's Brownie Zingers?  Visit the Ruth's Kitchen website to order yours!

And even better: for a limited time, you can use the code 20myblog20 when you order Ruth's Brownie Zingers, and you'll receive a 20% discount.  I love chocolate on sale!

Hope you enjoy your Brownie Zingers!

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