Monday, November 26, 2012

GH Cretors Popcorn Review

My kids love to snack.  Lunch?  Meh.  Dinner?  Eh.  But snacks?  Yum!

Of course, I want healthy things for them to eat - snacks with all-natural ingredients that aren't genetically modified.  And of course, they have to be delicious!

So I was excited to give GH Cretors popcorn a try!

With a history in popcorn dating back to 1885, GH Cretors makes its caramel corn the old fashioned way: by hand, in copper kettles. Cane sugar, brown rice syrup (a non-GMO alternative to corn syrup with a lower glycemic impact) and real butter is heated over a flame and then stirred slowly by hand to develop its rich complex flavor and crunch. Using 100% natural ingredients, no artificial flavors or colors, locally grown non-GMO popcorn, and special, “mushroom” variety popping corn resulting in wonderfully large, fluffy kernels, GH Cretors offers a healthy twist on a delectable classic snack.

I received a pack containing four different kinds of popcorn: Just the Caramel Corn, Just the Cheese Popcorn, Caramel Nut Crunch, and Chicago Mix.  They also offer a Kettle Corn variety which was not in my sample pack.

We tried the Just the Caramel Corn first.  The pieces of popcorn were uniformly round-shaped; no broken bits at all.  The caramel flavoring was delicious, yet not overpowering - you could still taste the popcorn underneath.  That's probably because the caramel is not made from corn syrup, as most commercial caramel corn is.  Everyone really loved this kind.

Second, we tried the cheese popcorn.  It was nice and orange just like other types of cheese popcorn, but tasted so much better.  They use real cheddar cheese, not fake chemicals, to create the taste.  It was a little salty, but not too much.  My husband and I loved this, but the kids preferred the caramel corn.

The Caramel Nut Crunch had the yummy caramel popcorn mixed with caramel-covered almonds and cashews.  This was my favorite!  I would have liked to have seen a few more nuts in the mix, though.

And lastly, the Chicago Mix was the caramel corn mixed with the cheddar cheese popcorn.  It sounded odd from the description... but I really liked it as well!  The sweet and salty tastes combined really well.  Each bite was a little bit different!

Are you interested in trying GH Cretors popcorn products? They are available at, as well as at many other stores - check their store locator to find a store near you.  I found their products at my local Publix supermarket!  Or purchase from the GH Cretors website, where you can order 12-packs of the flavor you like the best, as well as a 5-pack of each of the different available flavors.

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