Friday, October 12, 2012

I'm in a coupon bind

I love the $2 off a $10 purchase coupon for Penn-Dutch that appears each week in the Community Marketplace section of the Friday South Florida Sun-Sentinel.  But for the past two weeks, instead of a coupon to cut out, there has been a website address where you can go to print out your coupon.

This distresses me, because I often see elderly shoppers at Penn-Dutch, and I wonder if they have a computer to print out the coupon, or if they do, if they have the know-how to go to a new site and use it.  Plus, I just went to print it out, and I got a message saying, "This coupon is currently unavailable. Please check back soon."

The other problem I have with the coupon (assuming I can get it another time) is that it ends on Wednesdays, which is the end of the Penn-Dutch sales week.  I'd like to go shopping there on Thursday, since that is when I go to Publix at the start of their week.  But if the coupon appears on Friday, and is good until Wednesday, then I can't use the coupon for a Thursday trip.  Ack!

Luckily this week, in the Food section of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, there was a Penn-Dutch ad with a $2 off $10 coupon to cut out.  Yay!  So I was able to go yesterday to get produce.

I hope Penn-Dutch continues to print this coupon each week!  Or at least get their online coupon working again.  Sheesh.

Here's what I got at Penn-Dutch:

2 Romaine hearts @ $1.99 = $3.98
2 Pascal celery @ 89¢ = $1.78
3.29 lb colored bell peppers @ 99¢/lb = $2.93
3 cucumbers @ 3/$1.00 = $1.00
1 iceberg lettuce @ 69¢

- $2 off $10 Penn-Dutch coupon

Total out of pocket: $8.38
Total saved compared to Penn-Dutch full prices: $8.08

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areneelamb October 12, 2012 at 11:33 PM  

When I lived in South Florida, I loved to go to Penn Dutch! I haven't found a replacement yet here in Orlando.

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