Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hasbro game coupons

Here are some new coupons for Hasbro games - they are potential Christmas or birthday presents.  Personally, I love giving games as gifts - they keep on giving weeks and months after that latest toy has been broken or thrown away.  Plus, they help families spend time together!

$4.00 off one CLUE AND one MONOPOLY Game

$3.00 off two Hasbro games: Operation and Elefun

$4.00 off 2 Games Life, Monopoly, Sorry!, or Jenga

$2.00 off 1 CANDY LAND Game AND 1 MEMORY Game

$3.00 off 1 TWISTER AND 1 GUESS WHO? Game

$4.00 off two: CONNECT 4, TROUBLE, & TWISTER games

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