Friday, October 5, 2012

ALDI: Yay for apple season

It's apple season!

This week, ALDI had Gala apples on sale, 3 pounds for $1.99.  What a deal!  I bought two bags.  My kids will go through them quickly - they love to snack on apples with peanut butter.  And I also bought apple cider for a recipe I'll be posting next week on Frugal Food Thursday.

There were lots of other seasonal items around the store, like pumpkin butter and butternut squash pasta sauce.  They all looked good, but I put off buying them for now.  Probably in a few weeks, they'll go on special as they start to bring in Christmas holiday items, and then I'll pick them up for a song!

Here's what I got:

2 dozen eggs @ $1.49 = $2.98
2 3-lb bags Gala apples @ $1.99 = $3.98
2 cream cheese @ $1.19 $2.38
1 whole wheat bread @ $1.29
1 16-oz shredded cheddar @ $2.99
1 2-pk green peppers @ $1.19
1/2 gallon apple cider @ $2.99
1 cantaloupe @ $1.19
1 8-oz extra sharp cheddar block @ $1.79
4 cans beans @ 59¢ = $2.36
1 5-lb all-purpose flour (yes, they had it in stock!) @ $1.72
1 24-oz cottage cheese @ $1.99

Total out of pocket: $26.85

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Lee,  October 7, 2012 at 7:23 PM  

I just started shopping at Aldi's, I would like to know how you like the apple cider? And what other things don't you like?

Anonymous,  October 14, 2012 at 3:07 PM  

try the butternut squash pasta sauce. We tried it and hop into the car right after to buy more!

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