Friday, October 19, 2012

ALDI: Saving on school cooking projects

Each Friday, my special-needs middle daughter's class does cooking in class.  It's a good way for them to work on their reading, math, fine motor skills, and self-help skills, while also being a good vocational activity.  My daughter loves it - it makes Fridays very special to her.

Each week, the teacher sends home a note asking for the parents to send in ingredients for the recipe.  I guess she is not getting a lot of response from the parents, because yesterday she sent home a note saying that parents could send in $5 in lieu of the ingredients.

Am I going to do that?  No way!  I've had many of the items so far already in my stockpile, bought on sale with coupons.  And for the items I don't have on hand, like pretzel sticks this week, I go to ALDI to buy them.  In this case, two bags of pretzels were $2.58 - half the price of just sending in money.

Another reason why I love ALDI!

Here's what I got this week:

2 gallons milk @ $3.19 = $6.38
3 dozen eggs @ $1.49 = $4.47
2 cottage cheese @ $1.99 = $3.98
2 apple juice concentrate @ 99¢ = $1.98
2 bricks cream cheese @ $1.19 = $2.38
1 8-oz extra sharp cheddar block @ $1.79
1 3-lb onions @ $1.39
1 3-lb apples @ $2.99
2.44 lb bananas @ 44¢/lb = $1.07
1 10-ct juice pouches @ $1.89
1 woven wheat crackers @ $1.25
1 instant oatmeal @ $1.49
2 pretzel sticks @ $1.29 = $2.58 (for school cooking project)
1 Winking Owl white zinfandel @ $2.89

Tax: 29¢
Total spent: $36.82

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Anonymous,  October 19, 2012 at 8:17 PM  

I am a teacher and we just had our Fall Festival. It was requested that we sign up to bring in 2 items off the list or $10. I signed up for Hugs (drinks) and 2 bags of candy. I combined a sale, an incorrectly marked price that the store honored, and a coupon and paid less than $5 for the drinks and 3 bags of Wonka Mix Ups. There's no way I'd pay $10 for that. lol.

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