Friday, September 14, 2012

Cheap apples and lettuce

This week at Penn-Dutch, I found two great deals on produce!

First, they had Gala apples on sale for $2.99 per 3-lb bag.  This is significantly cheaper than ALDI, where the cheapest 3-lb bag of apples is $3.49, and that is for Red Delicious.  My kids love Gala apples, so I was psyched to find them at this price.  Plus, the apples in the bag were smaller than typical apples, which are better for school lunches - less apple wasted.

I also found a one-day only sale on prepackaged lettuce.  The expiration date on the lettuce bags must have been coming up soon.  There was a shopping cart full of lettuce bags, and I rummaged through them.  Some bags looked like they were going bad, but I found three that looked fine.  Lots of salad here at the Frugal Follies household for the next several days!

Here's what I got at Penn-Dutch:

2 3-lb Gala apples @ $2.99 = $5.98
3 lettuce bags @ 99¢ = $2.97
1.46 lb plum tomatoes @ $1.29/lb = $1.88
1.62 lb bananas @ 39¢/lb = 63¢

- $2 off $10 Penn-Dutch coupon

Total spent: $9.46
Total saved compared to Penn-Dutch full prices: $9.33

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