Friday, August 31, 2012

ALDI: Cheap tortillas!

At ALDI this week, I found a pretty decent bargain: packages of 20 tortillas for $1.49 each.  I found this deal on an endcap with other Mexican foods, which were still too highly priced to purchase.  But at $1.49, the pack is cheaper than the ones ALDI normally sells at $1.99 in a different aisle.

I picked up four packs, since we go through them quickly.  Each time I go back to ALDI, I'll be checking to see if the price of the tortillas drops further.  If they do, I'll stock up even more!

I seem to have misplaced my receipt, so these prices are from memory.  Here's what I got:

2 gallons milk @ $2.99 = $5.98
1 8-oz chunk cheese @ $1.79
2 apple juice concentrate @ 99¢ = $1.98
1 cottage cheese @ $1.99
1 no-bake cheesecake kit @ $1.29
1 3-lb apples @ $3.49
1 whole wheat bread @ $1.29
4 20-ct tortillas @ $1.49 = $5.96

Total spent: $21.78
Total saved compared to ALDI full prices: $2.00

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