Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cheap nuts

I love nuts!  I love to add them to granola for breakfast, or to add some to a dish of oatmeal.  I love to make salads with some chopped nuts on top for a healthy lunch, or processed into nut butters and spread on bread for a yummy sandwich.  They're great for snacks all by themselves or baked into cookies or banana bread.  And for dinner, I add nuts to stir-fries.  So they're great all day long!

Problem is, nuts can be very expensive.   And for a frugal person like me, it's hard to shell out (get it? shell out?) the money to buy nuts.  So here are some strategies I use to buy nuts for cheap:

  • Look for sales!  I love to buy nuts when they are on a buy one, get one free sale at Publix.  
  • Combine the sales with a coupon to save even more!  I can often buy jars of nuts for $1 or less by combining manufacturer's coupons (and maybe store coupons too!) with a sale at the grocery store.
  • I also buy nuts at ALDI.  Their regular prices tend to be lower than any other store in my area.
  • If you don't have ALDI in your area, try Walmart's house brand of nuts.
  • If you need a small amount of nuts, buy them from the bulk bins that many stores have.  For larger amounts, buying prepackaged nuts on sale and with coupons will probably save you more.
  • Buy unshelled nuts.  Shelled nuts may be easier to use, but they cost more.
  • Check health food stores.  Not the fancy kind of health food store - they will be very expensive, so don't buy there - but the inexpensive type.  They may have lots of different kinds of nuts available in bulk.
  • You can earn points on online rewards sites, then use your points to purchase gift cards for health food stores or online shopping sites.  Use these gift cards to purchase nuts!
  • If you're looking to purchase online, do searches to check all sources and prices.  You'll probably want to buy in bulk to save on shipping costs.  For instance, carries walnuts, almonds, filberts, and mixed nuts in 20 lb or 25 lb bags.  That's plenty of nuts, but if you love nuts and you'll definitely use that size, you'll save a lot!
Hope this helps you save on purchasing nuts!

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Sunny Dee June 15, 2012 at 12:03 AM  

Some dollar stores also carry nuts. I love to keep nuts in my pocket at work because I can snack on them while I work out on the sales floor. I found out a couple weeks ago that the dollar store in my local mall has almonds and peanuts for a $1.06 :-)

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