Monday, June 4, 2012

Advantages of having your own domain name

I see that a lot of bloggers who link up at my linkup parties still have a shared domain name - like or Getting your own domain name - like - has a lot of advantage, including:

  • You're easier to find.  If people know your blog's name, they might just type in into their address bar.  They won't find your blog - or worse, they'll find another similarly-named blog.
  • It looks more professional.  Even if you have shared hosting, you appear to be a separately-run website (at least at first glance).
  • You're creating a brand based on your domain name.
  • Your domain is portable - if you decide to change to a different platform, or if you decide to host your blog yourself, your blog's address can go with you.
  • You can get separate website statistics like Google PageRank, Mozrank, or Technorati or Alexa rankings.
As a frugal person, I'm always looking for inexpensive ways to get things. When I purchase things online, I always look for online coupon codes first. If you're looking for Domain Coupon Codes, then head over to Domain Promo Codes.

Domain Promo Codes has been around since 2008, and they have over 500 domain and hosting promo codes.  So if you've chosen a particular hosting company, chances are that they have Domain Coupons for it.

Head on over to Domain Promo Codes to get online coupons and get your own domain name!

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