Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Save on health insurance

Want to save on health insurance?

This is such a huge subject that I'm afraid that one of my small "Save on..." articles won't even scratch the surface.  This is a subject of great complexity that just can't be covered in a single short blog article.  So I'm not going to even try to give you a couple of quick tips.

And how you can save on health insurance really depends on your situation.  It depends on what country you're in, whether you have health insurance provided from an employer or if you have to purchase it yourself.  It depends on whether you are single or if you have dependents.  And it depends on your health - are you in good health and only visit the doctor rarely, or do you have a chronic illness that requires frequent doctor visits and testing?

Obviously, I am not a health care professional, nor do I understand the complexity of making a health insurance decision that is right for you.  So you definitely need to check with others who are more experienced than I am about such things.

For lots more information, definitely check these sites:

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