Sunday, May 6, 2012

Menu plan 5-7-12: Ignoring my plan

I'm not sure what's with me lately. I make a meal plan, then I completely ignore it.  Looking over last week's plan, I only managed to make two of the meals I had listed!  What's with me?

I may need to print this out and keep it on my refrigerator instead of relying on my memory... 

In any event, I don't have plans right now for two days this week.  It's a big holiday week.  Thursday is my birthday, and of course Sunday is Mother's Day.  I'm not sure how we'll be celebrating yet, but hopefully it won't involve me slaving over a hot stove!

Here's what I'm planning for dinner this week, but may or may not actually be served:

Monday - Char Crust salmon over salad greens

Tuesday -  lemon chicken

Wednesday - veggie burritos

Thursday - ??? It's my birthday, so maybe takeout?

Friday -  Everything Soup, salad, Challah

Saturday: pasta alfredo, Caesar salad, garlic bread

Sunday - Mother's Day... restaurant? Takeout?  Have the men cook?  (yeah, right)

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Anonymous,  May 7, 2012 at 12:47 PM  

We have Thursday in common! It is my birthday as well. Stop by glossymoney sometime. I am almost double your number this birthday so UGH!

Do you get one day with Mother's day and your birthday and loose out on a celebration. I always do and this year it is really bugging me.

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