Saturday, May 19, 2012

Free online magazine subscriptions!

When you're cutting back in order to pay off debt or save for an emergency fund, magazine subscriptions are often the first thing to go.  I know I've cut out some needed subscriptions, and though I'm happy I'm saving the money, I do miss them a little.

So I was happy to find a site where you can get free magazine online subscriptions!

Head over to Zinio and get your free subscription!  Choose from:
  • 3 issues Food Network (what I chose)
  • 3 Issues Spin
  • 3 issues Nylon
  • 2 issues Shape
  • 2 issues Esquire
  • 2 Issues Mens Fitness
  • 1 issue Cosmopolitan

You'll also get discounts and a $5 credit if you choose to order subscriptions.

Get your free magazine subscription now!

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