Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cheap wood furniture

Looking for a good deal on wood furniture?  Check out these tips:

  • Yard sales are great places to find furniture.  You may find wood furniture that's been painted or varnished - with some chemicals and elbow grease, these can be removed, revealing the wood underneath.
  • Check thrift shops and consignment stores for furniture.
  • Check Craigslist for people getting rid of furniture.
  • Find out when bulk trash days are in your area or in nearby areas, when residents may put out large pieces of furniture to be thrown out.  Make sure that taking these items is legal in your area before doing this.
  • Look for an unfinished wood furniture store in your area.  I know of one in my area that makes simple wood furniture that you can then finish any way you want.  Or find a store that specializes in rustic log furniture.
  • Look online on store sites or national auction sites, but keep in mind that shipping may be prohibitively expensive.

(This is a sponsored post on behalf of JHE's Log Furniture Place. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.)


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