Thursday, May 3, 2012

$2.00 off Goodnites coupon

If you're a regular reader of Frugal Follies, you will know that my middle daughter wears Goodnites.   Thankfully, she seems to be trained during the day (yay!), but still needs them at night.  Which means I won't be buying as many packages as I have in the past.  That should really help my budget!

But I'm still glad that there are coupons for Goodnites, like the one below.  Also remember that if you have a Flexible Savings Account for health expenditures, it can be used for Goodnites.  That means you're using before-tax money to pay for them, effectively saving 15%-25% on them, depending on your tax bracket.

Here's the coupon from!

$2.00 off one package of GOODNITES Underwear

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