Friday, April 27, 2012

Too much shopping!

I can't believe how much shopping I've done in just the past couple of days.   Check out all my receipts!

I'm already way over budget and I still have shopping at CVS and Walgreens on Sunday to go this week.  Ack!  Here are all the places I've shopped in the past couple of days:
  • 2 trips to ALDI
  • 1 trip to the kosher supermarket
  • 1 trip to Western Beef
  • 2 trips to Publix
  • 2 trips to CVS
  • 1 trip to Walgreens
I'll describe the ALDI, Western Beef, and kosher store trips here; I'll post separately about Publix and the drug stores.

I first stopped at ALDI to pick up just a few things - bread, juice, and veggies.  I also found a great buy in the savings aisle - large boxes of strawberry frosted mini-wheats for 99¢ each.  There were only three boxes left; I was tempted to take all three, but only ended up taking two and left the last one for someone else.

1 multi-colored peppers 2-pack @ $1.39
2 dozen large eggs @ $1.49 = $2.98
4 cans tuna @ 59¢ = $2.36
2 strawberry wheat cereal @ 99¢ = $1.98
2 apple juice concentrate @ 92¢ = $1.84

Total spent: $11.84

The next day, I went to the kosher supermarket to get some meat, as I was pretty much out!  Yes, the prices are real - I haven't added an extra digit or two.  Kosher meat is expensive because the animal feed is more expensive, there is more labor and time needed to kill and butcher the animal, the expense of shipping the meat from kosher butchering plants in the Midwest, and because there is simply lower demand for the meat.

3.48 lb boneless chicken breasts @ $4.99/lb = $17.37
7.47 lb whole chicken @ $2.69/lb = $20.12
2.99 lb ground beef @ $4.99/lb = $14.92

Total spent: $52.41

My old ALDI is just around the corner from the kosher store (I now shop at a newer, closer ALDI), and my husband had asked for some crackers and fruit bars to eat at work, so I stopped at ALDI again.  And I realized I was out of a few things like salmon for my Char Crust Salmon & Veggies as well as cheese, so I picked them up as well.

1 Parmesan cheese @ $2.39
1 2-lb frozen salmon @ $7.99
1 fruit & grain bars @ $1.49
1 16-oz shredded cheddar @ $2.99
1 woven wheats crackers @ $1.39
1 cream cheese @ $1.19
1 Reeva rinse aid @ $1.99

Tax: 12¢
Total spent: $19.55

Lastly, I went to Western Beef yesterday.  It was the last day of their sales cycle, and I wanted to pick up more pasta at 50¢ per 1-pound package that I got last week.  I'm glad I did because this time they had some different pasta shapes that weren't there last week.  I also picked up some produce.

10 Flora 1-lb pasta @ 50¢ = $5.00
1.83 lb bananas @ 59¢/lb = $1.08
2.41 lb plum tomatoes @ 79¢/lb = $1.90

Total spent: $7.98

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Anonymous,  April 28, 2012 at 4:24 PM  

There was a time in my life when I had that many receipts just for one day for our family on nine. I could not find my way out of all the running around for years. Then one day in 2006 It just sorta hit me. Stop buying it!

My children were 18,18,17,16 and 3 little but the older ones were the ones eatting me out of house and home. I just quit buying it all. Started making homemade granola bars, lemon filled water and rice krispy treats and brownies, and popcorn for them as extra snacks. Pots of soup and the family meals. I quit buying all the junk food. If they wanted soda then they had to go buy it, chips yeah that was on them too, hamburgers, they would have to fork over the cash, chocolate, ice cream again all out of the money they were earning. The household had snacks, and many great items to eat.

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