Thursday, April 5, 2012

More holiday grocery shopping

Here's some more holiday grocery shopping I did this week:

Western Beef:
1 cantaloupe @ 99¢
2.59 lb bananas @ 59¢/lb = $1.53
2 heads lettuce @ 50¢ = $1.00
1 parsley @ 60¢
0.88 lb green pepper @ 99¢/lb = 87¢
4 cucumbers @ 50¢ = $2.00
1 sleeve garlic @ 89¢

Total spent: $7.88


1 sandwich bags @ $1.99
1 quart-sized bags @ $1.99
1 apple juice concentrate @ 92¢
1 Parmesan cheese @ $2.39
1 2-lb bag carrots @ 69¢
1 3-lb bag apples @ $2.69
1 3-lb sweet potatoes @ 99¢
2 celery @ 79¢ = $1.58

Tax: 24¢
Total spent: $13.48

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Anonymous,  April 7, 2012 at 11:44 AM  

More great deals ! You seem to be a magnet for the awesome deals.

3 frugal things I did this week.
#1. Reused a coffee filter and found out it works they can be used twice!
#2. Made fire starters for next season using dryer lint old candles and cardboard tubing from toliet paper rolls.
#3. Made Duraflame type firelogs out of newspapers for next fire season.

Anonymous,  April 7, 2012 at 11:47 AM  

3 frugal things I did last week.

#1. Joined with a neighbor regarding trash pick up. From now on we will both compost and have trash pick up at her home.
#2. Joined with same neighbor on cable tv. From now on all sports will be watched at my home.
#3.Joined with same neighbor we are going to share cooking each person cooks 3 nights per week. Night 7 we each cook for our own family.
All of the above should save both families over $100 per month.

June April 8, 2012 at 10:15 AM  

My tip: make a SHOPPING LIST! This is a must for Frugal Grocery Shopping. Everyone is familiar with it but not a lot of people actually use one. If you stay true to your list you will automatically buy stuff you really need. It dramatically reduces the chance you will have to throw away food and money because you bought too much. Your goal is clear: follow your shopping list! Try to stick to 1 shopping list and 1 supermarket visit a week! It saves you money and again: time! Different or daily visits are tempting to buy more than you can manage.Here’s how I work: I write down a weekly schedule and start filling in the blank evenings with dishes and recipes I want to prepare. I look up and write down the necessary ingredients. Piece of cake! Planning your meals for the following week is not always easy, I know. Your evenings might be packed with different activities varying from kids, family, sports, a late night at work or unforeseen dinner invitations. In that case you might have to juggle a bit and if necessary transfer some of the food you already bought into the freezer. Store it for next week or for another night you would intentionally have been outdoors. Canceled restaurant dinners happen. That’s why I always keep cheap ‘dry food’ like pasta and risotto rice at home just in case.

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