Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I've been featured!

Good news - I've been featured this week in the Carnival of Personal Finance!

And it's quite humbling - my article on What the 1940 census taught me about saving money was listed as one of the top 5 editor's picks!  Wow!

Stop on by Start Talking Cents to see these other editor's picks:
  • Well Heeled Blog from Well Heeled Blog presents My Confession: Cheap Wedding Band, and says, “My fiance and I have budgeted $70 for our wedding bands… which means he’s getting a tungsten band and I’m looking for a sterling silver CZ band. Is it OK to get cheap rings now and upgrade later? “
  • Miss T. from Prairie Eco Thrifter presents Why Being Rich Is Overrated, and says, “The main reason why being rich is overrated is that it has been shown that money can’t buy happiness. Many millionaires find that their pursuit of wealth has come at a price and that their money doesn’t give them the pleasure, peace of mind and influence that they expected.”
  • Penny Thots from Penny Thots presents You Think Personal Finance Is Simple? Think Again., and says, “The rules of personal finance are not really that simple. And the reason is people: simple arithmetic is inadequate when it meets the complexity of the human brain and the intricacies of everyday life.”
  • Jim from Bargaineering presents How to Generate One Time Use Disposable Credit Card Numbers, and says, “With the recent breach of Global Payments, it might be a good time to review how to generate one time use credit card numbers.”
There are lots of other great articles there, too! Check them out!

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